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Latest update: 07/08/2019 14:06:05

Aromanikki Co.,Ltd

Our company designs, manufactures, and sells flow relays and dam control equipment. 

Our flow relays excel in longevity, durability, and accuracy in flow rate detection, and many users have placed repetitive orders for a long time. We also accept orders for new installations.

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Highly durable, reliable, and sensitive flow relays with no friction or sliding sections
Main Features of our Flow Relays
Our flow relays have no gaps in the flow detection section and do not trap any scaling or dirt in the liquid. There is no friction or sliding section, so the parts stay free of dirt and scaling over an extended period of use. This considerably extends the replacement cycle (both product and parts), while maintaining high accuracy in flow rate detection. All products go through flow tests with actual water flow. You can adjust the flow rate settings during operation. We can manufacture up-flow and down-flow types if requested in addition to horizontal flow. Our flow relays work with various types of liquid and liquid temperatures.
Our extensive lineup includes a wide range of products such as flameproof construction types (conforming to d2G4 and ExdIICT4) and minute flow rate types that meet satisfy customer needs. 



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