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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:50

Kaisui Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd

We are an R&D company involved in environmental design and landscaping

We develop products that make use of the vaporization heat of water, centering on water, greenery, and energy related to the environment.

Our ESGreen natural grass rooftop greening system and ESCO2N rooftop heat-removal building material use water sprinkling technology to provide advanced evaporation and heat-removal functions to alleviate extreme heat, mitigate the heat island effect, and achieve significant energy savings.

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Product introduction
Ground cover plants
We engage in R&D of plant varieties specializing in ground cover plants (especially turf) that create evergreen environments and landscapes.

Our proprietary biotechnology allows us to develop and provide unprecedented useful varieties.
Building materials for heat removal and evaporative cooling
This high-efficiency energy-saving system was born from the technology that won the 2008 Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) Global Environmental Technology Award

Aiming at high-efficiency energy-saving performance, this energy-saving system product exceeds the next-generation energy-saving standards by adding high water retention and latent heat cooling promotion functionality as well as low heat accumulation by making use of the vaporization heat of water applied to an external heat insulation method.

It turns building rooftops into "no-maintenance" cool spots for a city.
Rooftop greening
Based on the knowledge that only a turf variety development company can provide, this system makes use of the inherent ability of turf to survive (stress acclimatization reaction) and achieves easy maintenance!

This is a lightweight rooftop greening system with external insulation based on insulated planting boards (bead-method foamed polystyrene molding boards) with a unique structure.

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