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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:41

Twofive, Inc.

Twofive is a Kobe-based design company that makes even security software.

When established in 1988, our company started with graphic design and video production and then expanded the scope of production to include space design and website design. And, using the know-how cultivated in all the productions, we are working on the digital signage business that is currently attracting attention.

In 2009, we set up the IT division and started to build web systems and EC sites using databases, SNS, and CMS, and to develop packaged software in-house. We also develop and sell “ITF Protector” security file creation and management software.

In short, we are a design company in Kobe that doubles as a system developer. 

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Sales Pitch

"ITF Protector +," — remote tracking/management software for critical files
Theft proofing is no longer adequate.
Anything of importance needs to be protected at all times, even when you are away.
Creation and browsing are just as easy as  PDF.  Management tis swift and robust!This is the definitive version of information security that anyone can use. 
You can even fully lock the leaked information from a remote location.
Apply stricter control with NET Security 
NET Security is a Web cloud system on the Internet. By maintaining only the control information of the created ITF file on the Cloud, it has all the viewers follow the viewing conditions specified by the creator. Even if the data is copied/spread using various methods, such as compressed archives (e.g., ZIP), e-mail attachments, and publishing on the web/SNS, you can easily control them all at once. The operability of the ITF file itself is not compromised, and it can be handled like an ordinary file.  So, this is an easy-to-implement system that allows you to respond to various usage conditions flexibly while maintaining a strict security level.

Limit the viewers for each file
It allows you to specify the viewers, using the PC or the area or both (global IP address). You can also register multiple PCs as a group and make a hierarchical structure, reflecting your company's organization chart on the authority/permission structure. Eliminating the file viewing by unauthorized PCs, areas, and groups will prevent information from leaking to unrelated third parties.
Check the viewing status of each file
The system records the viewing environment—"5W2H1R" (when, where, who, what, why, how, how much, what happened),—operations, and results as much as possible, achieving a highly traceable information management framework that is effective for internal control assessment and audits.

Receive email notices about abnormalities
Based on the notification settings, you can receive an email when the specified abnormality occurred. Whether you check the viewing logs or not, the system detects abnormalities in real-time and allows you to "discover early," "grasp the whole picture," and "respond immediately," all of which are crucial in preventing information leakage.

Change settings for released files
Even after distribution, you can change the control information based on the viewing status. So there is no need to recreate and re-distribute the ITF file that contains an expiration date or viewing count control. If a file leak is detected, you can prohibit the viewing of all the released data on the spot. It allows you to minimize the spread of information, and to declare that no further information, including the files that have been already released, will spread.



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