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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:03

Takeshita Industrial Co.,Ltd.

The number one provider of monozukuri craftsmanship to support Japanese food culture

Our seaweed processing machines have a domestic market share of 50%. We have a production capacity of up to 240,000 pieces per day. We make sure to customize and enrich our after-sales service to suit the environment of the processing plant.

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Sales Pitch

No.1 in market share
We are proud to support 50% of all Japanese food culture, which has lasted since the Edo period.

Many scenes that feature seaweed can be seen in ukiyo-e prints from the Edo period.

We offer traditional seaweed production that has been passed down for hundreds of years. The production machinery that we develop supports this traditional type of manufacturing.
Extract, dehydrate, dry, and peel. Although this process is simple, we have built ingenious solutions into it, to maximize the quality and production efficiency of seaweed.

As a result of the manner we anticipate user needs and create new technologies and models before other companies, we now boast a domestic market
share of 50%.

We still face challenges such as the use of Internet of things technology. We continue to preserve Japanese traditions while utilizing the latest technology
of this age.
Unique products
The number of machines is only limited by the number of users.

Nori seaweed is extremely delicate.
The quality of the finished product varies depending on the intake/exhaust, temperature, and humidity of the processing plant.
Therefore, most of our products are produced-to-order. 

The product is customized to suit the requirements of the user. The level of customization is close to made-to-order. The seaweed processing plants where our machines are installed are part of the drying plant; therefore, we are also involved in creating dehydration devices for processing facilities.
Improving the machine productivity is our most important mission.  Our machines boast production of over 10,000 sheets of nori per hour and can produce up to 240,000 sheets per day. 
Advanced factories and engineers
Products evolve as people and factories evolve.

What enables our advanced monozukuri craftsmanship?
It goes without saying that it is the evolution of the engineers that work here and the factory itself.
Our factory has introduced the latest laser device. If we set a program for parts processing during the day,
the machine can continue to operate, even at night.
As a result, employees are able to maintain high productivity without working overtime.
We are proud of our engineers that make our products. Our employees enjoy monozukuri (making things) 
so much that they make barbecue stoves from scratch for internal BBQ competitions.
In such a free and open atmosphere, creative products are created every day.
Thorough after-sales support
The real work begins once the product has been sold.

The completion of a product sale. Production equipment manufacturers cannot say that their work is complete at this point.
What is really important is what happens after the product has been sold.
The value of this approach can be seen during the seaweed season, which is from November to March.
We ensure that we have all the parts required for immediate repairs if something goes wrong. Before November, when seaweed production begins
all of our new hires and after-sales service veterans undertake skill training and in-house learning and development.
Such a thorough commitment to after-sales service lets our users trust that “if it is from Takeshita Industrial, it is safe.”
This leads to the establishment of long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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