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Our company conducts fluid-related R&D on consignment. We design and manufacture equipment for experimentation and training, as well as experimental measurement devices and instruments.

Our company possesses four circulating water tanks for experimentation. We have a wind tunnel, an elevated water tank, a hydraulic experimentation site, a model manufacturing factory, and an assembly factory for large experimental equipment on site. We make use of this equipment to conduct R&D for energy-saving ships, civil engineering hydraulic experimentation, sports, and leisure on consignment from customers. We also constantly conduct R&D as a user of this equipment. We plan, design, and manufacture fluid experimentation equipment and measuring instruments, such as circulating water tanks and wind tunnels.

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[Business and Features]
Our company provides consultation services related to fluids. We also design and manufacture water tank and wind tunnel equipment for experimentation, research, training, and sports. We belong to an industrial association in Nagasaki Prefecture and are contributing to the development of local industries in collaboration with companies that possess excellent technologies. Our share of sales of circulating water tanks for ship design development in Japan is over 90%. We possess four circulating water tanks for experimentation, a wind tunnel, an elevated water tank, and a model manufacturing factory. We provide consultation services to help companies solve their issues about fluids. We support R&D, and design and manufacture water tank and wind tunnel equipment for R&D, training, and sports. We also design and manufacture test devices and measuring instruments.

[Intellectual Property] 
Pending and acquired: Circulating water tanks; propellers, bosses, and cap fins; bubble eliminators for circulating water tanks; sewage sterilization using shock waves generated by pulse power; device for using a laser beam to measure optimal water tank water level; ultra-micro bubble generator

[Awards and Media]
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs; Center for Small and Medium Enterprises, Good Company Award; The Japan Machinery Federation, Energy-Saving Equipment Award; Director General of the Patent Office, Excellent Industrial Property Rights Utilization Company Award; Nikkei Inc., Nikkei Global Environment Technology Award

[Representative's Message]
We assist many companies with a broad range of R&D concerning fluids by making use of the circulating water tanks, wind tunnel, and various other experimental equipment we have on-site. We also design and manufacture experimental equipment and measuring instruments for a wide range of uses, such as experimentation, training, and racing. Our company is a user as well as a manufacturer. We make use of this advantage to actively make equipment investments while always developing the latest high-precision, high-efficiency experimental equipment and measuring instruments. We concluded a sales agency contract with the US measuring instrument manufacturer TSI for fluid measuring instruments (PIV, PDPA, LVD, and so on). We think we can provide more enriched and broader support for R&D, and deliver test equipment and devices.

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