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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:59


Unique manufacturing

We are a specialized manufacturer of relay parts (terminal boards and connectors) and peripheral fittings. We have a wide range of 16,398 items. We are able to respond flexibly to custom requests.

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Sales Pitch

Fujicon’s three strengths
1. Market-leading development of new products
 Circuit board terminal drawing process F4124C (circuit board terminal with a bag tap feature)
 F6500 series instant connection terminal board
 Bidirectional wiring compatible terminal circuit board/circuit board terminal

2. Extensive product lineup and flexible custom order support
 Changing the material used for screws and conductive plates and custom manufacturing, is possible
 Measurement and inspection of molding resins to meet product usage requirements
 Full custom product design that meets customer requirements

3. Prompt and detailed responses
 Delivery/sample support
 Small lot support
 Peer visits from our technology and management departments
 Delivery that considers the customer situation
 Evaluation of preventive measures from the design stage if quality control issues arise
Main products
Various terminal boards (relay type, penetrating type, plug-in type, 2-3 step type, connector terminals, screwless, and press type)
Circuit board terminals, short pieces, covers, fuse holders, and insulation bushing and tabs.
Related products
Transistor clips
Reinforcing brackets
Check terminals
Hexagonal spacers
Earth lugs
LED mounts

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