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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:18


Total support from the production of metal moldings to pressing, forming, and assembling

Our company has established an integrated production system ranging from the production of metal moldings to precision press processing, plastic treatment, and assembly. We pursue ultra-fine and highly precise processing, and, at the same time, provide less expensive, high quality parts with short lead times to respond to customers' needs. In addition, we make the best use of our technology and know-how and aim for manufacturing that always focuses on "making proposals to customers."

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Producing metal molding
Ready to produce highly difficult metal molding
Our company is particularly good at the metal moldings of super precision parts, in addition to the production of ordinary metal moldings. Our seasoned engineers produce, with their ingenuity, highly difficult metal moldings such as minuscule parts, super thin parts, etc. Do consult with us about difficult metal moldings that cannot be done by any other party. We provide the best metal moldings that meet the requests of customers.
Integrated production of metal moldings, pressing, forming, and assembling
It is necessary to consider the processes of pressing, forming, and assembling for the production of metal moldings. Our company has a production line that covers precise metal pressing, plastic forming, and assembling as the foundation for the production of metal moldings; therefore, with cooperation from the seasoned engineers in each division, we produce products that can satisfy customers.
We also accept orders for metal moldings only.
We also accept orders for producing metal moldings only. 
We listen and understand well the requests from customers, and design and produce the optimum metal moldings with each of pressing, forming, and assembling being appropriately considered; thus, you can leave the work to us with confidence.
Precise pressing
Precise pressing
We use the know-how we have to produce metal moldings in-house, and, with them, we use pressing to process extremely thin boards and minuscule metal. As our company produces them with our integrated production in which the engineers who produce metal moldings and the engineers in charge of pressing cooperate for the optimum molding and pressing, we can provide precise metal parts that other companies may have difficulty in producing. In addition, because of that, we can shorten the lead time for providing such precise products.
Newest servo press
Our company has the newest servo pressing machine; therefore, we can provide highly complex products based on the multiplier effect of the latest technology and the newest pressing machine.
Processing plastics
Fine processing
Our company is good at super precise processing and fine processing. 
We have been producing highly accurate and ultra-small parts for medical care equipment, digital equipment, etc. 
It is important for fine processing not only to develop and design products from the process of metal production but also from forming technology. The metal molding design engineers and the forming engineers of our company cooperate closely from as early as the designing phase. As we integrally handle the development of metal moldings and their production, we can provide the products that will satisfy customers in addition to our short lead time.
Handling high-mix low-volume production
We can handle small-lot and high-mix products such as the test production of plastic parts. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem with regard to plastic forming. We sincerely listen to customers from their viewpoints.
Integral forming with pressed metal products
We are good at outsert molding, insert molding, and other fine, minuscule forming made with plastics and metal; we have many accomplishments in the fields of medical care equipment, digital cameras, mobile devices, and parts for digital products.

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