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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:00

Hiroki Seiki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Precision-parts processing exclusively on the Petermann Lathe

We use a Swiss NC automatic lathe called a Petermann (movable spindle type) to perform high-precision cutting and sawing. We have a proven track record in parts processing that utilizes the ultra-precision cutting technology that we have cultivated over many years in a wide range of fields, including the medical and automotive sectors.

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Sales Pitch

Excellent precision cutting with an NC automatic lathe developed in the weak-electricity industry
Metal cutting
Precision machine-processed parts that are forged in the low-voltage industrial field
We use various measuring instruments to inspect and verify that machine-cut parts are manufactured based on the relevant standards, and we manufacture these products.

[Product benefits]
We offer a maintenance management system for measuring the accuracy of grinded parts (manufacturing/quality control)

[Delivery achievements]
Automotive manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and equipment manufacturers
Precision-cut parts
Precision parts through machine processing 
Machine processed products from VA/VE proposals

[Product advantages]
Maintenance management system for parts accuracy in grinding (manufacturing/quality management)

Parts that require precision and parts with existing issues (accuracy and surface roughness)
Processing material
We also support RoHS such as iron, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum.
(SGD400, SUM, SCM415, SCM435, S45CF, SUS420F, SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS416F, SUS430F, C3602, C3604, A2011, A2017, A5056, and POM) We support everything from trial manufacturing to small lots and mass production with quick delivery and high precision. 
The processible size is from φ1.0 to φ38.0, and the processible length is up to 200 mm (50 mm for φ2 or less). 
We also support various surface treatments.
(Various plating and heat treatments are available through our partner companies)
Challenging the market with 3 “S”s.
Speed–Action with speediness
In line with our motto of always providing a speedy response, we quickly respond from the moment we receive a drawing to when we provide a quote.
Short ~ Production system
We own 70 CNC automatic lathes. Compatible with products sized from φ1.0 to φ38.0.
We own equipment from four domestic makers (Nomura, Tsugami, Citizen, and Star) and process products under optimal conditions by utilizing the features of each machine.
We handle product processing such as automobile related parts, medical product parts, and light electric related parts.
Safety–Quality control system
We aim for zero defective products at the time of delivery, and we also handle the quality inspection for all items.
  Our double check system prevents the outflow of defective products.
Introducing a new vacuum ultrasonic cleaner to improve the product quality further
A variety of measuring instruments are available, and the required measuring instruments are selected for products with special characteristics → High-precision quality control is implemented.

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