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Latest update: 22/06/2023 12:27:03

Ando Company Ltd.

We excel at processing difficult-to-cut materials and manufacture parts with complex shapes for construction machinery and transportation machinery.

We have been involved in environmental management and have been recognized for working on the Chiba Prefecture Management Innovation Plan.
We do manufacturing with combined machines, NC lathes, machining centers, and welding as our 4 pillars. With the introduction of 3D measuring machines, we continue to strive to meet customer needs in terms of quality, delivery, and cost.


Sales Pitch

Technologies and products
In-house integrated production
We do everything up to welding in-house and support integrated production. We also have the latest low spatter / digital semi-automatic welding machines and low spatter / robot welding machines.
For inspection, we have two 3D measuring instruments and a surface roughness meter.

We specialize in parts processing for hydraulic manifold blocks, cylinders, and valves for construction machinery, and we do welding and assembly for consolidation.
In addition to general steel SS, S45C, FD, etc., we can also process difficult-to-cut materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel, nickel alloys, titanium, and stainless steel.
Processing categories
 Jig and tool design
 General jig design, welding jig design, mass production jig design
Prototype development and low-volume production
 Automatic fusing, general-purpose milling, general-purpose lathing, tapping, deep hole drilling, threading, straight processing, machining / small lots (from 1 unit), Iron, stainless steel, cemented carbide, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, molybdenum alloy, keyway machining
 NC machining
 Machining (vertical),  NC lathing, combined lathing, machining (horizontal)
 Cuttings and blanks
 CO2 laser machining
 Jig manufacturing
 Manufacturing of general jigs, welding jigs, and mass-production jigs 
 Prototype processing
 Welding and bonding
 CO2 welding
Mass production
 Machining, NC milling, NC lathing, tapping, 5-face / 5-axis machining, combined lathing, thread cutting, iron, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, casting, titanium
Assembly and inspection
Parts manufacturing
 Machine parts
 Valve manufacturing, shaft / roller manufacturing
Equipment (manufacturer, type, table size, characteristics, quantity)
Machining: Machining centers
Machining centers
DMG Mori, DMC635V ecoline, -, -, 1 unit
DMG Mori, VS5000@1, x1200 y800, with index, 1 unit
DMG Mori, DuraVertical 635 eco, -, -, 2 units
Horizontal machining center
Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd., HC400 8 pallet pool line, -, -, 1 unit
DMG Mori, NHX 4000 3rd Generation, -, -, 1 unit
DMG Mori, NHX 4000 2nd Generation, -, -, 1 unit
▼Five-axis machining center
DMG Mori, DMU50, -, -, 1 unit
DMG Mori, DMU50 ecoline, -, 5-axis machining center, 2 units
DMG Mori, ZV4000 2-pallet APC, -, Add lathe function to 5-axis machining center, 1 unit
DMG MORI, CMX50U (DMU50), -, -, 1 unit
Brother Industries, Ltd., SPEEDIO MX140×2, -, BT30 5-axis machining center + NC lathe function, 1 unit
Combined processing machine
Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd., CH250, -, 10 inch NC lathe + 5-axis machining function with steady rest, 2 units
Machining: Lathes
NC lathes
Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd., NR23-3, -, 10 inch chuck, 1 unit
Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd., NR15, -, 6 inch, Isumi Factory, 2 units
Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd., TG250, -, 10 inch, 1 unit
DMG Mori, CS150, -, 6 inch, Isumi Factory, 1 unit
Haas Automation, TL-1, x406 z762, -, 1 unit
Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd., NK40S, -, 15 inch chuck, 1 unit
DMG Mori, CL-253, -, Spindle 12 inch, 1 unit
NC combined lathes
DMG Mori, Sprint 20/50, -, NC lathe with XYZC axis + rotary tool + back spindle, 1 unit
Sheet metal processing: Welders
Welding robots
Daihen Corporation, FD V6/FD11 + M350L, -, -, 1 unit
Inspection equipment: Measuring instruments, testing machines
3D measuring equipment
Mitutoyo Corporation, Crysta-M, -, Software is MCOSMOS, 1 unit
Keyence, XM series, -, Handy probe 3D measuring instrument, 1 unit

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