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Our educational equipment has a dream: “what we think about is the future!”

We offer electrical instrumentation work and the design and construction of automatic controllers for the implementation of a variety of automation, labor-saving, and safety measures. We also manufacture and sell the Kentuck, a risk experience training device that is used in educational institutions.

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Industrial education equipment
Danger experience series
Workers are able to promote intuitive understanding by seeing, touching, experiencing, and feeling and increase their risk sensitivity
through the use of our educational materials

Motor control training devices
Motor controls are widely used/deployed across a range of different fields. Our devices help to train engineers to properly operate motor controls.

Motor-related training equipment
The purpose of motor training is to develop an understanding of the various characteristics of motors.

Microcomputer control training devices
An understanding of the features of microcomputers helps users to control various devices.

Power converters
These are useful for learning about the technology behind the electric power conversion, including for solar batteries.

Process-control training devices
These devices help to develop a better understanding of PID control, which is widely used to control plant, using an actual plant model.

Natural energy training devices
These devices help to educate people about alternative energy sources to fossil fuels

Sequence-control training devices
These devices help to deepen the understanding of sequence control, which is widely used in the FA and PA fields.

Electronic and electrical engineering experimental equipment
These are basic training devices for electrical/electronic systems. Even when new technologies are created, the fundamental technology behind them will not change; therefore, we aim to deepen the understanding of the basics.
Danger-experience series
Electric systems
Bundled wire-heating experience device
Electric-shock experience device
Leakage-interruption experience device
Electric wire short-circuit/overcurrent experience device
Phenomenon tracking sensor
Experience heating in current circuits with loose screws
Copper oxide increase experience device
Leakage circuit exploration training board
(Single-phase 100/200 V) Simple power-on phase setting device
(Single-phase 100/200 V) Power supply interruption generator
(Single phase 100/200 V) Ultra high speed electronic breaker
Short circuit/overcurrent/tracking experience device
Cable drum weight experience device
Electric shock experience device FOR VR

Mechanical system
Device that offers the user a simulation of being caught in a pneumatic system
Device that offers the user a simulation of being caught in a chain
Device  that offers the user a simulation of experiencing bolt breakage 
Device that offers the user a simulation of being caught in V-belt/rotating belt 

High-altitude drop sensation device
Device for experiencing stepladder safety
Maintenance engineering
Maintenance engineering department

We support the optimal operation of equipment and facilities for producing electric power, petrochemicals, purified water, and steel. 
Our maintenance engineering department has been cultivating industrial maintenance technology for many years
and provides customers with quality, security, and safety.

Power-related instrument adjustment
Petrochemical-related instrument adjustment
Analyzer inspection and adjustment
Creation and modification of control programs (software)
Various control system designs
Device redesign

Construction department
Our construction department team offers assistance with energy-saving/labor-saving work and automation and considers the total cost for our customers in everything from new installation work to existing remodeling work with a focus on all types of electrical instrumentation work.
We also provide consistent services ranging from basic design to construction and maintenance.

Power-related electrical instrumentation work
Petrochemical-related electrical instrumentation work
Purification- and drainage-related electrical instrumentation work
Automation of production lines
IT-related network systems
PC program creation
Control panel design and production
Power board design and production

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