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We offer valuable products of the highest quality and aim to be a unique "small world company” with our special rolling technology.

We supply high-strength stainless steel plates for machines and tools, clad materials, and various rolled products with a focus on stainless steel for high-grade cutlery.
We are also able to provide special processing for unusual metal materials that are used in research and development and offer the production of cutting-edge technologies in areas such as aerospace, automobiles, IT, and electronic parts.

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High-strength stainless steel plates
Aichi Steel's AUS series original high strength stainless steel sheets are mainly strip processed and delivered to our customers.
We offer dependable quality that comes from over 50 years of achievements in processing.
Clad steel sheets
We use a high-performance material that offers a variety of characteristics that are usually found through laminating, heating and pressing metal plates different from clad steel plates.
We provide materials that meet the requirements of our customers based on the clad steel manufacturing expertise that we have cultivated over more than 25 years.
[Example products]
High-class kitchen knives with Damascus patterns
Antibacterial knives
Materials for power supplies (SUS + Cu)
Heat exchanger parts (Fe + Cu)

*Our clad steel is registered as a trademark “ABISSO/Abisso.”
“ABISSO” trademark registration No. 4240910 
“Abisso” trademark registration No. 4241012
Contract manufacturing
From parts development using advanced materials to mass production in various fields,
we will use our equipment and processing networking to help you.
[Manufacturing achievements]
Ti alloy: golf club and shape memory alloy
Al alloys: various types
Mg alloy: AZ31
Cu alloy: Cu–Fe, Cu–Ni
Electromagnetic alloys: Ni–Fe, Permalloy, and others
Corrosion-proof alloy: Inconel, Monel, and others
Heat resistant alloy: Various Ni-based and Co- based alloys
Pure metal: Ti, Mo, Nb, Ta, Ga, and others
Special clad: SUS-Ti, Cu-SUS, and others.
Powder HSS: SUS type, HSS type, and others
Others: Spring, die steel, and others
Main facilities
Main facilities
Heating furnace: Continuous heating furnace (1000-1150℃) 1 unit
Heating furnace: Batch heating furnaces (700-1240℃) 2 units
Continuous hot rolling line: 1 set
Reversible hot rolling mill 2Hi (φ550×800): 1 machine
Reversible hot rolling mill 2Hi (φ420×400): 1 machine
Cold rolling mill 2Hi (φ380×400): 4 machines
Cold rolling mill 4Hi (φ185×580): 3 machines
Annealing furnace: Cart type batch furnace (650-850℃) 1 unit
Annealing furnace: Continuous annealing furnace (600°C–850°C) 1 unit
Pickling equipment: 1 set
Shot blast machine: 1 unit
Wet blasting device: 1 unit
Large roll straightening machine: Multi roll straightener 1 unit
Stretcher straightening machine: Max350t 1 unit
Cylindrical grinder: 1 unit
Electric heat treatment furnace: 2 units
Rotary grinder: 1 unit

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