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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:54

Midori Jushi Co Ltd.

A problem-solving partner that considers the global environment

We are a manufacturer that specializes in plastic molding. We can manufacture from a range of materials and offer mold production, prototype to mass production, assembly, and secondary processing (including printing) in an integrated system. We provide high value-added plastic products that are socially and environmentally friendly.

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Sales Pitch

Expertise that cannot be imitated by other companies
Technical ability
We produce products that our customers want under the optimum conditions with the best possible molds.
 We are committed to providing a speedy response. Prototypes can be produced in 1-2 days, with express service in 1 day, and mass production in five days
 High-mix low-volume products, cutting products, product design blueprints, prototypes, molds, mass production, assembly, printing, and other secondary processing are available.
 We can help our customers from product design blueprints onwards.
 We can create 2D and 3D drawings based on similar products and design intent.
 We offer machine processing for items such as gears and rollers in lots of one unit or more.
 Vivid coloring with the shortest possible delivery times For trial manufacturing where only one color treatment is needed, we can provide production and toning in as less as three days.
 Our assembly is handled in-house, and we have a partnership system for secondary processing.

Dies and molds
When creating dies and molds, which are responsible for the lifespan of plastic molding, it is essential to take proper precautions and make accurate predictions before production.
We currently have about 1000 dies and molds. No two dies or molds are the same and each has its own features,
but the molds that are created by our company are always made to produce quality products over a long time period.
(Flow analysis such as gate position, gas vent, PL position, and E pin selection can also be utilized)

Material selection is also one of our technical strengths. We collaborate with different material manufacturers to choose the most suitable materials.
In addition, the resins that we commonly use help to lower our prices. For example: POM, PC, ABS, PBT, PA, PE, PP, AS, PPE, and PS
We use a lot of POM (polyacetal), PP, and AS.
Our factory can accommodate stock that is 50 to 100t.

Our operators are capable of finding the optimum product molding conditions for any pattern.
We have seven-skill-certified staff (1st grade: two staff members, 2nd grade: four staff members, and one staff member who is currently undergoing examination); therefore, our customers can leave their molds with us with confidence.
We also promote automation such as gate cutting and offer a variety of fully autonomous robots.
Our pallet changer enables the automated molding of large products.
Standardized bottles through injection blow molding
WHEA-STONE standard bottle B series
We offer 12 types of standardized glass bottle with different capacities in total from No. 3 (28.5 ml) to No. 16 (504 ml).
Our lineup has been well received not only for its functionality but also for its wide range of variations that can be tailored to different intended uses, 
and for ease of shipping. We take orders from lots of one case and upward. 

100% UV protection
 Titanium white is added to the pigment of our milky white bottles, which have excellent light-shielding properties. It can cut 100% of ultraviolet rays.
High dimensional accuracy ・No resin powder
 The bottles are molded through injection blowing. As this molding method uses strong injection pressure,
 it offers higher dimensional accuracy than that of standard direct blow molding. This also implies that 
 there is no need to mix resin powder into the container, unlike direct blow molding.
Glossy appearance
 Molding the high-density polyethylene as a raw material using our injection blowing molding method 
 results in a milky white finish with a glossy luster that cannot be seen in other companies' products.
 *Please contact us for original coloring.
 *As all of our raw materials are PL certified, our products can also be safely used as food containers.
Molding in a clean environment
 We perform everything from molding to inspection and packaging in a clean environment.
 *As the bottles are supplied unwashed, please clean them using a method such as air washing when filling them.

WHEA-STONE standard S-series bottles
With all the features of the B series, this series also has a pilfer-proof (anti-theft) function that is used for drinking water in plastic bottles.

No need for shrink processing
 Owing to the pilfer-proof method, cap shrinking is not necessary, which helps to reduce costs.
 This also implies that the whole shrink is finished cleanly with no protrusions such as band knobs and ribs.
Excellent airtightness
 The cap uses the motor rack system, which has good thread projection. Unlike the hinge type,
 the fitting between the packing and the mouth of the screw type bottle maintains high airtightness.
Can be used with screw type capper
 Capping can be accomplished with the same methods and equipment that are used for standard screw types. As there is no need for a stopper-type capper,
 existing equipment can be used as-is.

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