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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:31

Shiozawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In a rich natural environment, we aim to be a quality Monozukuri craftsmanship company

We are a precision parts processing and die casting product manufacturer. We take on integrated production from die design and manufacturing to appearance processing. Our products are used in a wide range of fields, including parts for optical equipment such as microscopes, parts for measuring equipment such as hardness testing machines, automotive audio components, and automobile-related parts.

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Precision and complex-shape processing
We use state-of-the-art machining equipment centering on five-axis machining centers to process precision and complex-shape parts. We always strive to conduct production activities with a spirit of challenge, while making use of our know-how in skilled techniques in processing precision machinery that we have cultivated since our foundation.

We can also handle prototype production without drawings by receiving 3D data and information on hole machining and so on. We contribute to speeding up product development.
Integrated production of die casting products
We undertake integrated processing from die design and manufacturing to casting, cutting, and appearance treatment, making use of our expertise in die casting product manufacturing that we have cultivated since our founding.
We will respond in cooperation with our group company Komagane Die-Casting Co., Ltd., die manufacturers, and appearance treatment companies.
From prototypes to mass production
We can handle variable-type, variable-volume production by flexibly operating our machining equipment centering on horizontal machining centers and five-axis machining centers. We can handle prototype processing as well as mass production of die casting products. We have created a system that can provide support from the development stage to mass production.

In addition, we make effective use of machining centers with multiple pallets, such as five-axis machining centers with 20 pallets and horizontal machining centers with 8 pallets, to produce a wide variety of parts.

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