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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:47

miyamoto seisakusyo

Expanding three businesses through technological synergies

We have three business areas under development: the regrinding of carbide and high-speed steel tools, the processing of sintered metals such as sprockets, gears, pulleys, and the assembly of industrial pumps. We achieve cost reductions by proposing the most suitable construction methods for our customers in our trial, single item, and mass production.

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Miyamoto Seisakusyo’s three businesses
Regrinding business
In our repolishing business, we offer high added value proposals for the reuse of expensive tools that are made from materials such as carbide and high-speed steel, which have high unit prices.
The materials for these special tools are mined overseas and imported by tool manufacturers for processing and provision. Therefore, rising prices of rare metals and other raw materials are forcing tool makers to raise their prices one after another.
MG Miyamoto offers a repolishing business with the idea that these types of tools can be revived and utilized in customer production once again.
Metal-sintering business
Sintered metal is a material that has special features in terms of hardness and shape complexity, and it is an essential material for mechanical parts that require rigidity.
We have delivered a large number of products for the industrial machinery and automobile industries by offering the shaving of this sintered metal. We also design and manufacture automated lines to help provide price competitiveness for products that are manufactured in lots of tens of thousands.
We can process with micron-order high precision, which is difficult for other companies. We guarantee the safe and consistent quality that we deliver to major automobile makers.
Pump assembly business
We have a factory dedicated to assembling industrial pumps where we assemble, inspect, and package industrial pumps upon request from major manufacturers. Pumps are one of the most important parts in the manufacturing industry because they serve as a power source for moving things.
Mg Miyamoto contributes to the Japanese manufacturing industry by manufacturing and assembling these pump parts.

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