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Supporting manufacturing with an emphasis on the quality and environment

We develop products for a wide range of fields from hardware planning to circuit design with a focus on the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards. Our company is divided into five sections: design and development, artwork and design, sales, manufacturing, and quality control. The professionals who work in each section work to support high-technology, highly skilled product development and manufacturing for our customers.

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Offering services, proposals, and circuit boards that are beyond impressive
Design Department
Taking advantage of the strengths of our own design, we improve factory production design to make better products in response to a wide variety of requests. We do not compromise in our pursuit of monozukuri craftsmanship and use design rules to create circuit boards from theoretical values and install them onsite. We excel at innovative GHz band communication equipment and we engaged in a wide range of high frequency design and design, and we are also involved in the research and development of power electronics equipment.
Manufacturing department
Our company newly builds and expands its equipment every year, and we are equipped with the latest devices. We feel that it is our mission to continue to be a manufacturer that is selected based on our ability to build to various standards, which have become particularly strict in recent years. We are also focused on 5S activities and improvement proposal systems for work, and we build systems that can quickly respond to problems that occur in the field in real time, helping to improve workplaces by building a positive atmosphere.
Quality Control Department
Production with zero defects in output is the ideal in monozukuri craftsmanship; achieving this difficult feat is both the challenge and the joy of monozukuri. When something goes wrong, we investigate again and again what caused the problem, to reach an understanding of the problem from all perspectives and work together as one to improve our company’s product quality.

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