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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:21

Takamitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of gas burners, industrial furnaces, and gas supply units. We handle the production and treatment of co-generation systems and consumables that are no longer being produced. Our gas burners have been highly trusted for more than 40 years since the time of the company's establishment.

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Sales Pitch

Product introduction
Our company's burners can be used with town gas and LPG. 

■ For processing 
 Single port GAO burner, single port GO burner, A-type single port pian burner, SP type single port pian burner, flare burner, pian line burner, swirl stick-tight burner, pilot burner, semi-bunsen cup burner, line burner, pencil burner, hand burner, hand burner (with a wood grip) 
■ For industrial use
 Regenerative burner, single aid type radiant tube burner, metal fiber burner, metallic high-speed burner, HG burner 
■ For incineration
 Cremation burner (patented) 
■ For purging
 Purge burner (portable compact), semi-bunsen cup burner, swirl jet burner, extra gas burning device
Industrial furnace
■ Heating, thermal treatment, melting, plating, environmental facility
 There are many production materials such as iron steel, non-ferrous metal, glass, ceramics, and so forth, and each have their respective needs. 
 Takamitsu Kogyo, putting the voices of our customers first, makes proposals for detailed after-sales service, security, and safety as well as for the designing and construction of industrial furnaces. 

 We put our customers' requests first as we design and construct each type of furnace such as forging furnaces, wire material heating furnaces, firing furnaces, quenching furnaces, glass reinforcing furnaces, glass cooling furnaces, non-ferrous metal melting furnaces, holding furnaces, plating furnaces, and so forth.
Designing, construction
■ Gas supply/control unit 
 Trust us with large-scale constructions such as switching oil to town gas as well as small-scale constructions such as gas supply units. 
 We have been receiving a large number of consultations about switching fuels to gas as a result of the price hike of crude oil. 
 In particular, we have a large number of accomplishments in performing construction related to switching from oil to gas as the fuel of glass melting furnace facilities, in which our customers have been very satisfied with the reduction of their fuel cost. 

■ Engineering, special processing
 Have you ever experienced problems in which you wanted to produce some special parts or the production of a consumable had been terminated? 
 We can produce and/or process such products that can meet your requests. 

■ Co-generation system
 In recent years, the energy problem is getting more and more severe; energy-saving measures are one of the most important problems for the future. 
 Our company has a wealth of experience in installation and construction of co-generation systems in consideration of saving energy and the environment .

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