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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:21


We manufacture resistance welders for seam welding, spot welding, and so on.

Our products are used in various industries, including automobiles, vehicles, precision sheet metal, construction, shipbuilding, and so on. We provide high-quality joining solutions for high-strength, lightweight materials, difficult-to-machine materials, and other materials.

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Seam welders
We design and manufacture all types of small, lightweight seam welders that are capable of seam welding metal sheets from 0.1 to 6 mm thick.

Manufacturers who used to use arc welding or other joining methods have shifted to seam welding to further reduce costs. We also manufacture specialized machinery for seam welding.
Spot welders
Our stationary spot welders come standard with transformer DC or inverter type transformers, air cylinder or servo pressurization, and capacities from 50 kVA to 280 kVA.

We can design and manufacture products according to your desired specifications.

Portable guns come standard with a built-in transformer, AC and MFDC type, and servo pressurization.

We also provide low-pressure single-side spot welders.
Robot-use welders
Our seam welders to be mounted on robots are designed and manufactured to meet your needs to rationalize seam welding of tanks, accelerate startup, make lines compact, and achieve cuts in production costs.

Our spot welders use our unique servo motor and 5-step pressure control to achieve low strain, low heat input, and low power. Moreover, we have achieved minimized weight by using our unique MFDC transformer. We also provide servo guns that can weld aluminum on 100-kilogram robots, and single-sided spot robot specifications that can make spot welds with low pressure.

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