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Latest update: 29/08/2020 12:05:28

I.TECH inc.

Monozukuri craftsmanship that supports monozukuri craftsmanship

We are a designer and manufacturer of specialized machines and equipment, and we offer the manufacture and processing of machine parts and the development and sales of conveyors and conveyance devices. We support the Japanese manufacturing industry through labor saving and automation.

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Design and manufacturing of specialist machinery and equipment
Imai Iron Works was founded about a hundred years ago in 1914 and was involved in the production of fire pumps and tail rudders for aircraft during the war. From 1957 onward, we began designing and manufacturing a variety of specialized machines and equipment. In the more than 50 years that have passed since then, we have been accumulating achievements as a machine and equipment supplier and as experts in the design and manufacture of various industrial machines including FA-related and labor saving machines for factories. As a specialty engineering company that offers consistent handling for all processes from design and production to maintenance, we contribute to improvements in factory performance, improvements in work efficiency, and ultimately development of the Japanese manufacturing industry.
Manufacturing and processing of machine parts
We not only provide high-quality machine parts but also strive for quick quotes and are able to respond to requests for small lots with quick delivery times, which implies that we receive orders from many different customers. Machine parts can be made to order in single-item lots or more. We can respond quickly and flexibly because we are a machine and devices supplier. Just by looking at a parts drawing and asking questions about the type of application for which it is intended, we can immediately understand the necessary processes, processing points, and parts that will require caution.  We are well-versed in machine and device parts and provide a consistent service from preprocessing to main processing, postprocessing, and finishing.
Development/sales of carrying devices and conveyors
Our “Shuttle Mover” air-powered parts conveyor device received the 23rd Japan Invention Award. The electric shuttle mover, which is electrified to enable high-speed transportation in the shuttle mover, has been awarded the Takeo Nakagawa Technology Grant.  In addition, we are working on the development of devices and systems that can contribute to problem solving in factories and improving work efficiency, such as our “3D Conveyor,” which can support vertical and horizontal layouts. We provide total support from construction to electrical control and maintenance, not just development and sales. We contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry through our monozukuri craftsmanship that supports other monozukuri craftsmanship.

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