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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:59

SHINANO POLY Corporation

We are a “total-package consulting group.”

We mainly manufacture and sell packaging and packaging materials for food, as well as packaging machinery that is mostly used for enoki and beech shimeji mushrooms. In partnership with mushroom producers and various food manufacturers, we use the technology and expertise that we have cultivated since our foundation to continually provide the optimal products that our customers demand.

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Sales Pitch

Product introduction
Packaging/wrapping material
We offer proposals for package design based on our customers’ concepts.
We value our communication with our customers and help to shape their needs in terms of the design, performance, environmental friendliness, and economics. Please get in touch.
[Overview of products]
Agricultural product packaging materials: we give shape to our customers’ requests, with items such as pillow film wrapping for mushrooms and vegetables, notch bags, and gusset bags.
Food packaging materials: We cater to a wide variety of food-related needs in areas such as use and performance.
Standardized bags and trays: We offer various standards and sizes.
Bamboo fungus cultivation bags: We offer a variety of fungi substrates for use in growing mushrooms such as shiitake and maitake.
Packaging machines
A reverse-pillow packaging machine for enoki mushrooms that was created based on the opinions of those at the production site.
● Seal stability has been significantly improved by adopting a newly developed line seal mechanism.
● The burden on the operator is reduced when setting the film.
● Use is made simple by implementing touch panel operation.
● Equipped with a variable-dimension former, gusset and bite prevention device as standard.
● The height of the end seal can be adjusted; therefore, the packaging conditions can be set based on the product height.
● Equipped with a thermal printer (optional), making printing on film possible.

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