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A management company that specializes in infrastructure construction and systems operation
We offer total coordination of information systems that meet our customers’ needs

We develop systems from the ground up to meet the needs of our customers. Our strength lies not only in our highly functional and efficient business application development but also in our ability to build environments that can run applications in a stable manner.

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Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
Our technical partners provide one-stop support for everything from the development of systems and applications that meet our customers’ requirements to the construction of the cloud infrastructure that is required for system operation and management. Our main business is AWS cloud services, application development, cloud construction, and system infrastructure construction. Our specialized engineers solve day-to-day issues that occur during work. We offer practical in-house infrastructure maintenance/improvement, security measures, data backup/disaster countermeasures, PC/tablet setup, package rollout, system improvement, and IT troubleshooting support.
Overview of main products and technologies
The AWS cloud service supports the electronic document flow system “Create! Web Flow,” cloud server construction (AWS), and IT operation services (system operation management agent). In application development, we have a proven track record with our “Asprova” production control scheduler, our “RAKUROKU Series Exit Confirmation Record System” iPad applications, “RAKUROKU Series Reception Visit Record System” iPad applications, and our “WEB Attendance” web application.
Message from the representative (Initiatives for future market development with an intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
Our company was founded in April 1999 as an independent systems integrator that specializes in infrastructure construction, which is rare in the industry. Currently, we specialize in software development and data linkage that implements new digital technology, focusing on cloud-based construction and operation and making use of our expertise in system infrastructure construction. We also provide server and storage devices that utilize new technologies and sell licenses for their use. As our management philosophy states, we provide services with the motto “A company that pleases its customers and offers a stable base for information.”

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