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Helping to create a healthy society through our circular-tube aluminum material processing technology

We are a maker that offers integrated manufacturing and sales of sports equipment such as ski, walking, and trekking poles. We have the expertise and technology needed to compete with other companies in the processing of round tube aluminum materials, and we work every day to develop new technology and products that meet the requirements of our customers.

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Monozukuri craftsmanship that prioritizes quality improvement over all
[Patented] Underwater walking pole
Our aquatic walking poles make it possible to walk freely in water using buoyancy. Appropriate underwater training is ideal exercise for reinforcing muscle strength and bone and joint function in a low-gravity environment. However, stabilizing with handrails is needed because the water pressure makes it easy to lose one’s balance, which implies walking training is difficult to execute in places that are not properly equipped. This is why we developed our water poles. Having a pole that floats in the water means that there are now four points of support, which makes it easier to properly balance the rhythm of walking and creates stability in all directions. Aqua walking using our poles helps people to recover more quickly.

[Product benefits]
Our water walking poles are made using swaging and are structured with an air layer and a weight in the upper part of the shaft to make the pole self-supporting in water. Electrostatic coating is applied so that it is easily visible, and the grip floats on the surface of the pool water to enable it to be held without looking.

Used by medical staff and welfare facilities as a cane for people with disabilities and the elderly in warm water treatment pools for rehabilitation treatment and muscle recovery.
Air poles
What is an air pole? Normal walking mainly uses the muscles of the lower limbs, whereas Nordic walking uses poles to move the muscles of the lower and the upper limbs together. The air pole is a special pole that was developed to increase muscle strength by enabling greater movement of the upper limbs.

Used in sports equipment sales, drug stores, medical wholesalers, and hospitals for sports strength training, diet, fitness, and rehabilitation treatment after injury or illness.
White canes
We can do all this because we are a pole maker.
We have come up with a completely new grip.
An evolved white cane that is fun to carry and has safety features.

Welfare Equipment Exhibition Contest First Prize 2018

▶ Angled grip to eliminate wrist strain
▶ Safety strap
▶ Middle grip
▶ Telescopic lightweight shaft

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