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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:53

Taimei-Seiki Co.,Ltd.

<Parts feeder, device development, baking coating, and special coating from Taimei Seiki>

 Our company’s original system offers high-performance, quick delivery, and low-cost, dependable manufacturing for a range of applications from the design and manufacture of parts feeders to surface treatment support using urethane and Teflon coatings.
 We have also added conveyor feeders and roller sorters to our lineup, making it possible to build a more diverse supply system. We are able to provide in-depth support for requests for various types of specialized machinery such as inspection devices that are combined with parts feeders.

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Three business divisions that Taimei-Seiki provides to customers
Parts Feeder Department
We offer in-house integrated production for everything from the manufacture of bowls, urethane coating, baking coating, parts processing (machining, NC), and more.
We have a complete system in place that enables high performance, low cost, and short delivery times. Our in-house integrated production enables us to flexibly meet our customers’ needs for items such as particular kinds of parts feeder or the fine-tuning of specific parts.
Equipment Development Department
All of the automatic machines that we manufacture help to realize the automation and efficiency of work. 
Our customers say, “We want to automate our work” and “we want to improve the efficiency of our factories.” We offer proposals involving the most suitable methods for our customers and are able to offer consistent three-dimensional (3D) designs, parts procurement, assembly, and installation work.
● Roller alignment/transport
Using parallel rollers and taper rollers, we offer simple sorting, alignment, and conveyance systems. As they are motor-driven, they can be used in devices that are unsuited for vibrations.
● Image-inspection devices
Image-inspection devices that use cameras. High-speed inspection is made possible using an index table.
● Measurement inspection devices
These are inspection devices that use laser sensors.
As the inspection is performed on a linear feeder, these devices can inspect a large amount of workpieces in a short period of time.
● Assembly devices
These devices assemble the work that comes out of a parts feeder. These devices offer complex assembly and can be used to make various types of products using robots and index tables.
● Loaders (feeding devices)
These loaders transfer the work pieces that come out of parts feeders into processing machines. These devices make unmanned processing possible and contribute to labor saving. 
Painting/coating Department
eight-meter maximum size, delivery times cut by a half, and special coatings including urethane and Teflon
The above three ideas are the key concepts for our painting/coating department.
We have established a new painting department at our Ina factory with the necessary equipment to meet the diverse requirements of our customers, which enables us to conduct treatments based on their purpose of use and intended application.
● Teflon coating
● Polyurethane coating
● Fluorine resin coating
● Large baking finish
● Powder coating

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