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We machine precision parts to satisfy customer needs from large to small articles, from prototyping to mass production.

We focus on precision machining and cylinder polishing, and manufacture labor-saving and general automatic machinery parts, semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, aviation equipment parts, and automobile-related parts.

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Innovation and true determination through creative technology and ideas!
Precision machining
We provide a wide range of services from combined machining of small-diameter and small to long objects using NC lathes, and processing ranging from machining large items using machining centers to polishing cylinders.

We can take advantage of our experience in machining mainly aircraft parts to deliver high-quality, high-precision parts without scratches and burrs. We can handle a wide range of materials from general materials to difficult-to-grind materials.
From single-item prototyping to mass production
We can handle orders from low-volume manufacturing to mass production (tens of thousands of pieces a month) with CNC automatic lathes. We support short lead times and low costs, so contact us first for estimates and other requests.
Strengthening efforts in the aerospace industry
Centering on the EN 9100 quality management standard, which incorporates requirements specific to the aerospace industry, we make improvements every day to pursue Monozukuri craftsmanship to give our customers peace of mind and satisfaction.

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