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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:04

Matsumura Techno LLP

A customer-oriented company that seeks and provides more convenient and comfortable products with compassion and passion for welfare. We manufacture and sell useful and practical products that you have never seen before.

We develop and prototype all new products in-house based on our original ideas.
(1) When developing a product, we conduct a patent search to confirm that no patent for a similar product or technology has existed in the past, and apply for a patent for the newly developed product.
(2) Product design with 3D CAD, prototyping with a 3D printer, and parts processing with lathes and milling machines.

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Sales Pitch

About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our main business lines are (1) development, prototyping, manufacturing and sales of daily necessities, (2) assistance in the development, prototyping, and production of optical instruments, (3) design and manufacture of clothing accessories, and (4) prior art search and application assistance concerning intellectual property rights (patents). 

While proposing original products that reflect customer feedback, we are dedicated to responding to customer concerns. All products are developed independently and patented or patents are pending.
Main product outline (completely new amazing wrap holder and paper holder)
With this wrap holder, the next end comes out as soon as you cut the film. It eliminates tearing, entanglement, clinging, and so on, making it entirely unnecessary to perform irksome actions such as lifting the box lid, and looking for the film ends.

The roll paper (toilet paper) holder that can be operated with one hand is available in wall-mount and desktop types, and you can use them according to your situation. The plastic bag stocker is ideal for storing plastic bags brought back from supermarkets for reuse. When one bag is taken out, the next one appears in the outlet. The wrap holder satisfies those who find conventional products inconvenient and challenging to use. In contrast, the toilet paper holder is convenient and easy-to-use, even for people who have a disability with their hands. Currently, we are looking for manufacturing and sales partners for these newly developed wrap holder and toilet paper holder products.
About business matching
We are a customer-oriented company that seeks more convenience and comfort from the viewpoint of welfare, compassion, and passion. There are many products in the world. However, you must have often wished for a different situation or a different product so that things would be more convenient and comfortable. How wonderful would it be if these wishes come true? By making the most of our imagination, we are working hard sincerely and passionately to materialize your ideas and deliver them to you.

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