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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:47

Hikari Resin Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

We supply new added value to society with FRP

We manufacture fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) used in various fields, such as aerospace, automotive, construction, and medical fields. We also accept orders for disaster-prevention shelters and other products of our own, as well as mass-produced ordered products and custom-made products.

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Disaster prevention, rescue shelters

These disaster-prevention products have been developed on a new concept: Your closet can be used as a disaster-prevention shelter to protect against earthquakes and tsunamis.

The greatest feature of these products is that they do not affect your living space. With a load capacity exceeding 30 tons, these products prevent your house from collapsing due to a major earthquake (in the case of high-strength specifications).

These products are completely waterproof and float on water, allowing four adults to evacuate in the event of a tsunami inundation.

Is your home fully protected for the Nankai Trough Earthquake, which is feared to occur in the near future? 
(Patent Nos. 5579336 and 5602322)


This model is the latest spherical disaster-prevention shelter by our company, which succeeded in developing the world's first FRP (reinforced plastic) spherical disaster-prevention shelter in 2011.

It is 120 centimeters in diameter, and can accommodate four adults. It has the world's strongest load-bearing force of 22 tons, and protects a house from collapsing due to an earthquake. Small size, light weight, and portability are the features of this product.

It is completely waterproof and floats on water, making it possible to evacuate from tsunami inundation.
The shelter can be installed in the garden or indoors, and used for refuge in the event of an earthquake or tsunami.
(Patent Nos. 5579336 and 5602322)
Overview of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) products
Our company's FRP products
Our FRP products include the HIKARi series of household FRP disaster prevention shelters for earthquakes and tsunamis, and PLATAN animal planters.

Mass-production FRP products
We accept orders for mass production of FRP products in various fields such as automobiles, leisure, housing, medical equipment, and machine tools.

Custom-made FRP products
We accept custom orders for flexible, original FRP products that are not subject to shape limitations.

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