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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:36

Kouno ME Laboratory Co., Ltd.

A venture company that aims to prevent lifestyle-related diseases

Our company manufactures and sells low-salt monitors for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.  The low salt monitor allows you to measure daily salt intake easily. We recommend the monitor to anyone who is having trouble controlling salt intake, for example, those who are concerned about high blood pressure or kidney function, and those who are interested in low-salt diets.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction to business content, products and technology etc.
Business content and characteristics
Our main business is medical device R&D and technical consulting (high-density mounting). Our aim is to contribute to human health with the “Salt Reduction Monitor” simple salt intake measuring device, ion biosensor measurement technology, and mounting technology consulting. We would also like to help you all take a step forward in reducing salt intake by posting a recommended menu with low-salt diet recipes on the website.
Product/technology outline
The main feature of Salt Reduction Monitor (simple salt intake measuring device) is that you can obtain accurate measurements as it calculates daily salt intake statistically from salt content in your urine first thing in the morning. The conventional salinometers only measure the salinity of soup such as miso soup, without dealing with the salinity of solid foods. It is not possible to get an accurate grasp on how much salt you have taken for the day. However, with this device, a sensor inserted in the cup calculates urine volume and salinity based on conductivity (the ease with which electrical current can pass through). The device then calculates the day’s salt intake from statistical data and displays the result diigitally, by gram. The measurement process only takes an average of 15 seconds. 
About business matching
When founding the company, we dreamed of a healthcare device that could protect healthy people against illnesses, which has prompted us to develop, manufacture, and sell simple salt intake measurement devices. Although our business is in its early stages, we hope to keep expanding. Additionally, we would also like to pursue business opportunities through consulting in the high-density mounting field. We appreciate the support of many people and would like to ask for your continued cooperation and encouragement moving ahead. 

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Kawasaki Institute Of Industrial Promotion
Kanto Head Office, SMRJ