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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:50

Alphamedia Co., Ltd. 

We are a company that creates people-friendly multimedia with you

Being consistently able to handle everything from hardware design and manufacturing to software development is what our company does.
We also operate the PC school “Fujitsu Open College,” offer support for companies' PC environments (ITCOMPASS) and provide contract development for IoT products.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
We are mainly engaged in system development and the manufacture and sale of our own products and contract development of systems with a focus on engineers and business dispatch. Our own products include attendance management systems and meeting attendance management systems. Our contracted development includes business applications (we have a proven track record in the medical, logistics, public, and educational fields), the development of other hardware and embedded software, and website creation. Our engineer and business dispatch involves dispatching IT engineers. We are focusing on the newly developed “IoT-Handy” in 2019.
Overview of main products and technologies
The “IoT-Handy” is an IoT product that we began to manufacture in 2019. This product measures temperature, humidity, acceleration, atmospheric pressure, illuminance, magnetism, and GPS (these are the sensors available as of July) with all sensors installed in a single case. This is used as a machine for demonstration experiments at the start of IoT sensing. We also offer development for original IoT equipment. Our company’s own product, the “Kaiketsu Shugyo” attendance management system for business” can be used to quickly verify the working status and build an understanding of the working situation even in workplaces where employees come and go frequently and workplaces with many part-time staff and noncontract employees. Our customers can select their desired device type from our selection that includes IC card, finger vein recognition, and touch panel systems to calculate working hours and enter the data into their payroll software. Our “Kaiketsu Shusseki” attendance management system” can be used with IC student ID cards to monitor class attendance and to help with class management. (The clock-in/out history system and the event attendance/departure management system are also useful in jobs that require timing of input hours, such as legal work for the government.)
In our software development business, we develop software applications with a focus on IT. From consulting to design, development, installation, and maintenance, we respond to our customers’ requests and realize new IT solutions that offer powerful tools for conducting business. In our hardware development business, we offer electronic circuit design, hardware, software, and outsourced development of FPGA, as well as outsourced development of hardware and software for testers measuring the characteristics of custom ICs for semiconductor manufacturers.
Message from the representative (Initiatives for future market development with an intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
As a company that creates human-friendly multimedia together with you, we have been focused on the development of our own products since we were established in 1992. We currently provide all kinds of IT services from the design and development of hardware to planning, design, development and rollout support for software, staffing, and operation of the PC school “Fujitsu Open College.” We would like to continue to help everyone by focusing on hardware, software, support, and staffing. We look forward to your continued guidance and support in the future.

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