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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:36

Bear Medic Corporation

Contributing to the development of people's health and medical care by providing new medical materials

Our aim is to contribute to the promotion of human health and medical development by providing new medical materials. To that end, as a member of the local community, our company will actively participate in and support sports and cultural activities with the aim of achieving harmonious prosperity between the company and the community.

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Introduction to business content, products and technology etc.
Business content and characteristics
In 1960, our company started producing watches as a partner factory of Citizen Watch, one of the world's top manufacturers. Since then, we have accumulated technology, promoted rationalization/automation, and steadily improved our business performance in an ideal environment for precision manufacturing. By taking full advantage of precision processing technologies, the medical device/suture materials department developed disposable clips and needle-attached micro-surgical suture threads for general and plastic/orthopedic/cerebral purposes. Likewise, the medical implant materials department have developed innovative titanium-based medical material products. Now we are actively participating in overseas markets as a full-service medical equipment manufacturer. 
Product/technology outline
The needle-attached suture threads excel in terms of hardness and sharpness of the needle, using our original polishing method. The threads are available in various sizes depending on the patient's symptoms. The needle-attached suture threads for microsurgery also come in a wide range of variations to cover various symptoms. Our monofilament synthetic absorption threads are a type of suture that is absorbed in vivo over a long period. For the titanium plate, we adopted pure titanium due to its excellent biocompatibility and we have reduced the thickness from an esthetic perspective. 
About business matching
Today's social environment is rapidly changing, and peoples' needs for medicine are diversifying. The introduction of surgical techniques such as regenerative medicine and remotely controlled robotic surgery are gatthering pace. In this situation, our company is conducting thorough and careful market research considering safety/elaboration/excellent operability. During the product planning/development phase, we aim to develop entirely original medical materials under the guidance and advice of MDs in the field. To provide satisfying products to the customers, we will make a company-wide effort to maintain an integrated production system and deliver high-quality, safe products.

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