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Contact us if you have any difficulty in relation to otolaryngologic machines.

Our company was established as the first manufacturer of machines dedicated to otolaryngology in Japan; since then, we have been advancing with "willingness to respond to the requests from a wide range of medical fields for the welfare of humanity," as the motto of our company, the words of our founder.

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Sales Pitch

Introducing the business and an overview, etc., of products and technology
Description of the business and advantages
We have been continually providing our products with the motto of "quality" and "safety" as a manufacturer specializing in otolaryngology machines for more than 100 years since its establishment. 
Our products include the clinical unit for otolaryngology, clinical chairs, nebulizers, steel articles, aspirators, head lights, auditory inspection equipment, eardrum tranquilizers, eardrum drain tubes, vocal function inspection equipment, larynx strobe scopes, operation microscopes, rigid endoscopes and their lighting devices, clinical illumination equipment, etc. Most of our customers are public and private university hospitals all over the country; we make sure to address their clinical needs with our products.
An overview of the major products and technology
Our standard clinical units for otolaryngology are equipped with one-touch nozzle replacement sprays  and a hose-less spray as an optional equipment; based on feedback received, we changed the shapes of our products for them to become equipment that is friendly to patients and easy to use for doctors. 
Our standard clinical chairs for otolaryngology are equipped with side switches, foot switches, hand remote control switches without cords, and power casters; we pursued ease of use.
Messages from the representative (endeavors for finding new future markets, the intention of using J-GoodTech, etc.)
"Iwashiya Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.", the first Japanese manufacturer and seller specializing in otolaryngology machines, was established in Nihonbashi and has continued up to today. 
In a variety of environments that keep changing every moment as time goes by, it is the mission of the leaders to make the company respond quickly in an ideal direction and to try to pursue the optimum value, in which their nature and responsibility matter.  
We think that the root of everything lies in "reliability", and thus, keep looking at the roots of our founding while directly observing the trends of the present and the future, as we are confident that continuing to provide our products with the added value of "reliability" leads to the activities of an enterprise that contributes to society in a sustainable manner.

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