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Trustworthy MERA products go together with medical care

More than 70 years since the company’s establishment. At the dawn of our company’s founding, we started selling the first "artificial cardiopulmonary device" and "circular anesthetic equipment" made in the country; since then, we have been greatly supported by hospitals and parties related to hospitals as a "medical equipment manufacturer in the country." We value "trust" and continue to contribute to "the development of medical care" with a wide product lineup, from devices (medical equipment) to regenerative medicine, with excellent processes that cannot be done by any party other than a domestic manufacturer behind the scenes.

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Sales Pitch

Description of Our Service
● The production and sales of artificial cardiopulmonary devices, artificial lungs, artificial valves, and other artificial organs and disposable products 
● The production and the sales of IABP auxiliary circulation devices
● The production and sales of electric scalpels used in operation rooms, anesthesia systems, and disposable products 
● The production and sales of artificial joints 
● The sales of hospital and clinical equipment 
● Importing and exporting medical care equipment
Development, quality control
Development meeting
High reliability is required for medical care equipment because they are related to maintaining lives. Therefore, at our development meetings, which are repeatedly held, deliberation concerning structures, functions, production methods, and maintenance work is done again and again; we make efforts for the development and improvement of necessary technology, looking for even higher reliability. In addition, we anticipate as much as possible the problems that could occur during use ; we repeat risk management from the initial phase of our development and try to carefully consider safety.
Performance test
We repeat various checks in the test production phase regardless of whether the product is new or modified. We confirm the adequacy by using tests from various viewpoints such as whether the performance and functions are sufficient, whether the safety and durability performance is free from problems, whether the intended functions are exercised with good efficiency in any situation, and whether there is any influence over the other organs of patients. Those results and data will be used to produce more complete products.
Pursuit of performance
Constant proactive innovation is required for technology in the course of research and development for medical care equipment together with the progress of clinical medicine. Furthermore, it should be something of high reliability that is brought about by the collaboration between clinical medicine research sites and clinical medicine equipment manufacturers. Our company has deep understanding of such situations; we strive to perform proactive development of medical care equipment directly in line with clinical medicine through our wealth of experience and accomplishments that resulted in the completion of the first artificial cardiopulmonary device in Japan.

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