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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:57

Katera Co., Ltd.

Katera Co., Ltd. develops products and technology based on medicine and pharmaceuticals.

We develop products that are truly effective, based on evidence, and unique.
We collaborate with university research institutions to develop medical devices and supplements and only commercialize ones that are effective.


Sales Pitch

"Rikishi" side hole catheters
Endovascular surgical catheter for the treatment of complete occlusion lesions
A catheter for advanced occlusion (total obstruction/advanced calcification) treatment used for a retrograde approach that enables a device to be operated from a hole on the catheter side. We can convey strong backup and driving force behind our therapeutic devices with research and development delivering a catheter that overcomes surgery issues that were previously difficult to overcome.
Periodontal disease prevention mouthpieces (night care mouthpiece)
The (medical) silicone mouthpiece that prevents dryness in the mouth, promotes secretion of saliva, and has a DDS function. A night-care mouthpiece for preventing dryness caused by breathing through one’s mouth at night. The back side (boundary between gums and teeth) of the mouthpiece is made to collect saliva and can hold saliva for a long time. The mouthpiece can be used for a long time when used together with oral antibacterial products, for greater effectiveness. The parts where you bite have been made thicker, which is also effective against teeth grinding. Standard mouthpieces are made according to the tooth profile of individuals, however, this product has a form that fits 70% of Japanese people. This is not suitable for those without molars.
 "Asakusa hepato-renal intestine" liver cell regeneration (countermeasure for hangovers) supplement
It is a supplement born from anticancer research and development that performs an antioxidant function that suppresses cancer cells. We have conducted research and development into combining raw materials to repair damaged liver cells and have combined multiple ingredients with powerful antioxidant effect to enable efficient metabolizing of asetaldehyde and reactive oxygen caused by excessive alcohol intake.
Around half of Japanese people have deficient acetaldehyde dehydrogenase activity, causing highly toxic acetaldehyde to remain inside the body for a long time, leading to hangovers and susceptibility to liver damage.
We offer our product at an affordable price. 2200 yen/bag (10 times), excluding consumption tax.

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