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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:20

Shinkou Photo Service Co., Ltd.

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We produce glass epoxy, Teflon, and other kinds of high-quality printed circuit boards. In particular, we have the number-one share of printed-circuit production that uses Rogers RT/duroid5880.

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Sales Pitch

Printed circuit board
Printed circuit boards are used in all equipment around us. 
The printed circuit boards of our company are high quality products that attract the trust of large electrical manufacturers as well. 

■ Production service 
We produce single side circuit boards, double sided circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, multi-layer circuit boards, and a variety of other types of printed circuit boards. 
We have accomplishments in producing printed circuit boards and high technology to quickly produce products. 

■ Designing and implementing service 
We also design printed circuit board patterns (digital, analog, high frequency) and implement them (QFP, QFN, BGA). 
You can place orders for designing or implementation as you like. You can even place an order for a single unit. 

■ Materials we handle 
One of our company's strong points is the abundance of materials we handle for printed circuit boards. We have abundant collections in our inventories letting us handle orders very quickly. Of course, you can place orders for them as well. 

■ Products we handle 
We produce high frequency substrates, fine pattern circuit boards, and various types of printed circuit boards. 
Besides those we have introduced, we can also process our products as per the customer's request. 

■ Facility information 
We have equipment that can handle the designing to the production of printed circuit boards such as high frequency substrates and thin printed circuit boards. 
We have sufficient facilities and engineers with plenty of experience, and by utilizing them, we produce high quality printed circuit boards.
Metal etching
Metal etching can produce accurate parts without burrs or deformation. We provide high quality products based on the technology cultivated in industrial photography. 

■ Advantage 
Our advantage lies in the high level of our cost effectiveness in addition to the high quality and short lead time for performing metal etching by our company, which has been working on industrial fine photography. 
A lot of our customers are satisfied with this. 

■ Specifications 
・ Thickness of processed board 
We can process from 0.005t to 2.0t. Please consult with us if your desired thickness is outside this range. 
・ Material 
Stainless, steel/steel alloy, brass, aluminum, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, nickel, permalloy, others 
・ Forms of corners 
In etching, external corners and internal corners are chamfered (rounded). The external corners are about 40 percent of the board thickness, while the internal corners are about 80 percent of the board thickness. 
・Nominal difference of dimensions 
The nominal differences of dimensions are different depending on the board thickness; therefore, we specify ranges for the widths. 
 Generally speaking, ±10 to 15 percent of the board thickness is the standard; however, in the case of a test production or a small lot, we can meet further strict requirements. Please consult with us in advance. 
・The shape of a cross-section 
In the case of dual side etching, within 10 percent of the board thickness. In the case of a single side etching, within 20 percent of the board thickness. 
・Limit of processing 
The minimum dimension D is equivalent to the board thickness. MIN/100μ. 
 The minimum dimension W is equivalent to half the board thickness. MIN/50μ. 
・ Bridge 
For etching, a bridge (connection) is required. Therefore, a bridge is attached somewhere that does not cause any problem to the usage of the product or the post-processing. Please specify the location, the shape, and the like in advance. (Bridges can be omitted.)
Industrial precision mask
Industrial precision masks are always required for most electronic equipment. Our company is currently focusing on the production of printed circuit boards; however, our origin comes from the production of industrial precision photography. 
We provide high quality products based on the experiences and the technology cultivated for many years. 

Maximum image size: 600 x 900mm (Sizes larger than this are made by editing.) 
Line widths of images: 5μ, 12.7μ, 50μ, 80μ (Differs depending on the image size) 

■ Usage 
We make, produce, and sell masks. Feel free to consult with us. 
・Photography masks for various types of printed circuit boards 
・Photography masks for IC's and hybrid IC's 
・Masks for metal etching 
・Masks for engineering scaling and scales 
・Masks for thick film/thin film circuit boards 
・Masks for silk screens 
・Masks for name plates 

*Material: film, glass (emulsion, chrome)

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Kanto Head Office, SMRJ