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X-ray generators of Job Co., Ltd. are used in various applications ranging from medical to industrial fields

Job Corporation’s X-ray generators are widely used in Japan and overseas in applications that range from medical to industrial. We leverage our abundant experience in the development of power supply devices to strive for high quality. 
In addition to our existing products, such as our portable X-ray equipment for medical uses that is highly reliable despite being small and lightweight, we are currently in the process of developing new photon counting detectors.

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Product lineup
Medical X-ray equipment: PORTA100 HF
PORTA100HF is a portable medical X-ray device that is compact and lightweight.
Output (kV, mAs) can be adjusted quickly using two independent rotary switches.
Eight types of output (kV, mAs) settings can be stored for different types of inspections.
The automatic output adjustment function makes it possible to always obtain a stable output despite the power supply voltage drop that occurs when an extension cord is used.
X-ray equipment for animals
A portable X-ray imaging device for animals, with applications in a wide range of fields.
There are two types available for different uses: a hanging model (normal rotation type) and an inverted model. ,
・It can also be used in connection with DR systems. 
A portable X-ray imaging device for animals, with practical miniaturization and weight reduction.  It can also be used in connection with DR systems.
X-ray generator for nondestructive inspection
This is an X-ray generator for nondestructive inspection, which is used for the inspection of foreign substances in foods and electronic parts. We offer products such as 100-W and 300-W X-ray generators and drive units. We will discuss their individual specifications separately.
X-ray generator for diagnosis (Mono-tank 32kW type)
Monotank is an X-ray generator for medical examination devices that integrates an X-ray tube for generating X-rays and a high-voltage generating circuit for X-ray tube operation. Integrating the X-ray tube and the high voltage generation circuit allows greater freedom in the design of diagnostic equipment.
Industrial X-ray generator
Micro focusing X-ray generator XM090A 
This is a closed-type micro focusing X-ray generator with transmission target. This is used for the nondestructive X-ray inspection of electric parts and printed circuit boards.
 In addition, our lineup includes X-ray generators with different outputs such as the XP0503R0, XP0758R0 and XP1005R0 models.
Development of photon counting detectors
We started the development of a photon counting X-ray detector in 2013. In 2015, we received an Innovation in Commercialization Venture Support Project grant (grant source: NEDO, Implementation period: May 2014 to February 2015, Theme: Photon counting X-ray detection system realizing high-speed scanogram), which enabled us to accelerate the development. 
 In addition, in February 2016, we received a new technology development grant (grant source: New Technology Development Foundation, Implementation period: up to March 2017, Theme: new method X-ray breast examinations with high-precision substance identification functionality (Xprism) ), which enabled us to speed up the development of an X-ray detector that is suitable for X-ray-based breast examination. We named our original substance identification system as Xprism® and are now rising to the challenge of attaining unprecedented high precision in X-ray inspections.
The development results were exhibited and publicized at JASIS 2017. We are currently in the final stages of development and are aiming for commercialization.

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