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Tanaka Painting Co., Ltd.

Tanaka Painting will help you from the floor to the 5S activities of your factory.

For repair work on the painted floors of factories, please leave it to a specialized contractor: Tanaka Painting. We consistently perform in-house construction from base treatment to floor molding, and provide functional floors with high environmental performance, functionality and design by actively adopting new construction methods.

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Service guide: painted floor repair work (painting of various types of factory floor)
◆ Coated floors from Tanaka Painting
What is a coated floor?
Coated floor is a treatment that applies coating to indoor and outdoor floors of a building to create a prepared surface (“floor surface”) for conducting the finishing works such as installing a baseboard and round chamfering. We create a functional floor surface that is load bearing, antifriction, shock resistant, conductive (antistatics), heat resistant, waterproof, chemical resistant, hot-water resistant, weatherproof, dust proof, and beautiful. We satisfy not only the requests and conditions of the users but also proposals from contractors to create an ideal floor for each context.
During renovations, we conduct surface preparation (e.g., the removal of existing coating and V cut of the edges) before the application of the coating. This is an extremely important step in coating, and coated floor always includes this surface preparation.
Coated floor of Tanaka Painting
Our work is conducted entirely without outsourcing. Every one of our staff understands that surface preparation is an important step. We plan an integrated construction process where surface treatment from its start to final finish is conducted in-house, as well as construction management. In addition to the coating of existing concrete floor, we conduct mirror polishing of concrete surface. By polishing concrete, its surface strength is improved, it becomes more resistant to scratches, and it will have a luxurious, marble-like texture. The concrete will not require maintenance such as coating, reducing the maintenance cost.
In Japan, its environmental performance, functionality, and sophisticated design are receiving attention. It started to be adapted by boutiques and beauty salons in addition to factories and warehouses. At Tanaka Painting, we are utilizing our expertise in floor coating and polishing technologies in our ongoing research and trials for establishing the method to achieve epoxy terrazzo floor.
New construction method: super Floor construction
We use a four-head polishing machine by HTC to perform the mirror polish method on concrete, which is suitable for commercial facilities and warehouses. It results in a flat floor that is highly wear resistant. As the surface is not coated, there is no concern about peeling.
Features of mirror polishing of concrete (Super Floor)
No coating; therefore, no peeling and stays beautiful longer.
It is easy to clean and maintain order.
It reduces the total cost.
New construction method: Epoxy terrazzo floor
This method mixes crushed glass of various colors and sizes into epoxy resin and coat concrete with it. After the resin has hardened, grinding and polishing are repeatedly applied until the desired finish is achieved. It can reproduce various designs and logos clearly.
Characteristics of epoxy terrazzo floor
High designability
Strong coating can be reproduced.
Popular in American airports and commercial facilities.
Construction achievements (2019)
Floor-coating work at the Saitama factory of NSK Ltd.
Mirror polishing of the warehouse floor of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Super Floor method)
Floor-coating work at the new kitchen of the school lunch center of Yonohommachi.
New office of Yamamoto Auto Industry Ltd. (Epoxy Terrazzo method)
Mirror polishing of the existing earthen floor of the Yokohama office of Shinto Kogyo (Super Floor Method)
Concrete mirror polishing of the new earthen floor of Nissan’s Tochigi factory (Super Floor method)
Entrance floor of the office of CRT World Co., Ltd. (Epoxy Terrazzo method)
And many more.

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