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Sugihara Software & Electron Industry Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Introduction to our business lineup, products, technologies, etc.
Our business lineup and characteristics
■EMS business (electronics manufacturing services): In the electronics field, we can accept orders for all processes including design, development, procurement, manufacture, quality assurance, and delivery in an integrated manner under a cutting-edge engineering system. By utilizing technologies of mounting minute parts and wafers, we can mount 0201 chips and waters. We have 15 production lines , one of the largest scale in Japan. In addition, we have established a quality assurance system. Thanks to these factors, we are able to produce high-quality products and deliver them in a short period.  
■RF-ID business: We design, develop, and manufacture various network devices for building a wireless sensor network and provide sensor network solutions for which 920 MHz wireless bandwidth and 2.4 GHz wireless bandwidth are used.
Summaries of our products and technologies
We assemble electronic control systems, mount printed-circuit boards, and deal in RF-ID products. Active RF-ID (wireless sensor network) is our flagship product. In order to expand smart meters, which are key parts of the smart grid, from the conventional wired networks to wireless sensor networks, we use our cutting-edge active IC tags to provide solutions. The "Eco-Monitoring System" which utilizes RF-ID can measure environmental information such as power consumption in real-time and consolidate the management of data through wireless equipment. The system indicates electricity waste and provides the effects of energy-saving activities in graph form to support companies in reducing cost and CO2 emissions. 
As for location information solutions, the autonomous behavior measurement system measures location information on workers to support business improvement.
As for environment measurement solutions, wireless multi-purpose environment sensors help customers in improving their work environments. 
For matching
In our rapidly changing age, we have always challenged cutting-edge areas to seek unchanged technology values. In 1973, our company was founded as a factory for assembling telephone exchange equipment. Since then, we have engaged in technologies for computerizing communication equipment in terms of both design and manufacture to accumulate our original technologies. Our cutting-edge mounting technology is highly evaluated. Pursuing the highest level of technology, our company will provide customers with the best products and services in future. 

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company is mainly expanding its EMS business and RF-ID business. We engage in the EMS business for customers using outsourcers and those using suppliers for part of their work. We apply our unique technology to cover everything from design, development, procurement, SMT, and assembly to quality assurance, packaging, and delivery. Our engineering system is at the highest level in the industry and can satisfy customer needs. Our company has 15 production lines and is capable of meeting urgent orders and delivering products at short turnarounds. We also support high-mix low-volume production. We possess mounting technology for 0201/03015, which is the smallest component size in the industry. We manufacture wireless sensor network equipment by applying RF-ID in our RF-ID business. We also conduct R&D on the PDR Series of autonomous behavior measuring systems. These systems can measure human position information without using GPS or any other external infrastructure, visualize moving lines, manage behavior histories, and analyze staying time.

Electric machine and instrument manufacturing

[Product and Technology Strengths]
Our company manufactures electronic control systems, assembles PC boards by mounting parts, and handles RFID products. Our main products are active RFID (wireless sensor networks). Smart meters are the key parts of smart grids. We develop solutions using the latest active IC tags to expand the scope of smart meters from the conventional cable networks to wireless sensor networks. Our eco-monitoring system based on RFID can acquire power consumption and other environmental information by real-time measurement and centrally manage data through radio equipment. The system visualizes wasted electricity charges and energy-saving effects on graphs to support cost reduction and CO2 emission reduction by companies.

[Representative's Message]
We have been challenging ourselves to the most advanced fields in this age of rapid changes, while seeking the never-changing values of technology. Our design division is devoted to product development in various fields by making the most of our comprehensive software and hardware design capabilities under a customer-first design philosophy. Our manufacturing division has established an integrated production system mainly based on Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) for development, design, material procurement, manufacturing, testing, and inspection. Products born under this system are widely used as core functions in communications equipment and in various other fields, including IT, automobiles, and amusements. We will continue to seek the highest-level technology and to provide customers with top products and services.

[Awards and Media]
Good Design Award 2008

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certification

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