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The world's firsts from your own town

While producing designs under a commission, we have been advancing our own original technology.

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Expander/retractor capable of making things 10 times as long
The principle is that two SUS belts are joined together to make a nut-shaped pipe while thrusting it out with a screw. The structure is such that if you store a long belt, you can stretch it to any length you like. The bottom and tip share the same thickness and the same thrust. The portion thrusted out is circular and safe.
Two-axis control is possible: expansion/retraction without rotation and expansion/retraction with rotation, and rotation and expansion/retraction. In two-axis control, in particular, two fixed motors can be used to control rotation and expansion/retraction.
The through-hole in the middle of the expander/retractor can be used for cabling or light.
In terms of thicknesses of expandable/retractable pipes, we have been producing pipes with thicknesses of 10, 25, 32, 40, 60, 80, and 100 mm in diameter. 
Pipes expand and retract in the lifting, suspension, and transverse directions. The transverse direction is conditional.
Connected to noncontact cables
A long cable is sometimes wound around a drum to house it in a small space. 
In such cases, the cable often gets twisted. To prevent that, a slip-ring structure is widely used.
The slip-ring design may result in noise, sparks, contact corrosion, or wear.
Our proposals are designed to prevent such inconveniences.
Our products are incompatible with limitless rotation as in the case of slide-contact slip rings or silver-contact rotary connectors.
They are used as cable reels.
A cable can be combined with a hose.
Noise should be prevented in broadcast stations.
Sparks should be prevented in explosion-proof regions.
Corrosion should be prevented in equipment on ships.
Earth leakage should be prevented in submerged equipment.

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