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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:38

Newest Corporation

We continue to be the newest

Since our company’s founding, we have never forgotten to be the “newest” or to have “new ambition” and continue to take on new challenges. We are now engaged in three diverse businesses: the distribution and packaging materials business, which has expanded from manufacturing and sales of jute bags (“matai” in Japanese), our founding business, to all kinds of packaging-related products; the trading business, which handles a wide range of products from casting materials to agricultural materials; and the environmental energy business, which sells environmentally friendly products such as solar power generation systems. We take pride in these businesses as evidence of our spirit of challenge.

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Sales Pitch

Trading division: Metal product-related manufacturing, flexible containers, anti-freezing materials
Metal parts-related products: Comprehensive proposal capabilities based on our high level of expertise
We provide integrated services from raw material procurement to finished metal parts, including various types of silica sand, resin coated sand, various types of ingots for casting, and continuous casting materials.
Each sales representative carries out long-term training at the casting site to acquire knowledge. We have also acquired ISO 9001 certification for contract manufacturing of casting parts and metalworking parts (limited to manufacturing based on drawings designed by the customer), and provide support from the perspective of quality management. We are always looking to expand our procurement sources to achieve cost reduction for your products.
Three kinds of customer value provided by our company
1 We realize cost reduction by providing one-stop service from materials to final finished products.  
2 We support your marketing efforts with VA (Value Analysis) proposals based on a wide range of casting materials, sizes, shapes, and high-mix low-volume production.  
3 We deliver product value that satisfies you with two kinds of speed: quotations and lead time.  
Example of our sales track record
Vacuum pump-related parts
Fire pump parts
Snow machine-related parts
Power transmission equipment-related parts
Lighting parts
Construction machine parts
Faucet fixture parts
Other industrial machine parts
Flexible containers: Choose one that’s best for you
Based on the manufacturing know-how we have accumulated over many years as a flexible container manufacturer, we have partnered with several overseas companies’ cooperating factories so we can provide flexible containers that meet various customer requirements in a wide range of industries, including cement, lime, fertilizer, feed, synthetic resin, and chemical products.
Three kinds of customer value provided by our company
1 By stocking specification items, we can eliminate your storage operations and realize immediate delivery.  
2 We provide you with stable quality by thoroughly enforcing quality management at overseas factories.  
3 We deliver product value that satisfies you with two kinds of speed: quotations and lead time.  
Durability performance testing
We conduct durability performance testing based on JIS Z 1651:2017 to deliver strength and peace of mind.
Repeated top-lifting testing
Compression/stacking testing
Drop impact testing
Weather resistance testing
Anti-freezing agents: Established distribution system and stable supply
Based on the relationships of trust we have cultivated with domestic Japanese and overseas manufacturers in our long track record of sales, we can handle all kinds of anti-freezing agents, including Japanese domestic, imported, and environmentally friendly products.
We have an extensive distribution system and abundant inventory in the Kanto Koshin’etsu area to ensure a stable supply in case of emergency.
Three kinds of customer value provided by our company
1 We can realize quick delivery by making use of our extensive distribution bases.  
2 We deliver optimal products for all seasons through our abundant stock of domestic Japanese and imported products.  
3 We deliver product value that satisfies you with two kinds of speed: quotations and lead time.  
Calcium chloride shapes
We can provide spheres, grains, flakes, and other shapes to meet your needs.
For automatic spraying with a spray truck or machine, we recommend spheres with good flowability.
We also have a year-round inventory, so we can handle orders for dustproofing and effluent treatment in the non-winter seasons.
Distribution and packaging materials business: Improving customer service through packaging
Heavy duty kraft paper sacks
Kraft paper made from kraft pulp is the main raw material for these packaging containers, which consist of about two to five layers. They are widely used in all industries because they are strong, economical packaging containers suitable for storage and transportation of heavy items. We began to manufacture heavy-duty kraft paper sacks in 1952, and have been accumulating know-how over the past half century.
newcon flexible containers (in-house product)
Flexible containers are large shipping containers made of soft fabric woven with polypropylene threads, which are cut and sewn together to give them strength. In addition, due to the softness of the material, the containers themselves can be folded into a small size for storage and transportation. They are ideal for filling and transporting large quantities of particulates weighing around 1,000 kg.
For people concerned about the lead time with overseas products, or about the quality of overseas products, we can solve such problems. We deliver peace of mind with made-to-order production from single articles. We are a member of the Japan Flexible Container Manufacturers Association (JFC) and have our own factory on the second floor of our paper bag factory. We conduct strength testing based on JIS Z 1651:2008, and carry out processing in-house from design to sewing.
Proposals for “safety plus one” for overseas products: We can also procure products from overseas. Bags manufactured and packed overseas are usually not opened until they reach the customer in Japan. As a “plus one” proposal, we are prepared to set the inner bag and clean it at our own factory, taking advantage of the strength of our domestic Japanese factory, to ensure safer use. From an overseas manufacturing factory selected by the manufacturer. High satisfaction with a higher rank of quality and cost advantages with “safety plus one” in Japan.
Environmental energy business: Industry-leading experience and track record
Experience, track record, and taking on challenges
Today, we are a general trading firm for photovoltaic power generation systems, but we started doing business in photovoltaic power generation systems as far back as 1994. That was the year the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) began accepting subsidies for residential photovoltaic power generation systems, and we have now been in this business for over 25 years. We also boast one of the best sales track records in Japan, with a cumulative total of over 28,000 installations to date.
Our team of professionals, cultivated by our experience and proven track record, will provide you with optimal solutions.
Locations, dedicated staff, and research demonstrations
We have a group of dedicated professionals who are familiar with the features of our products and can handle a wide range of areas. We demonstrate peak shaving and demand effects from research facilities that measure and analyze photovoltaic cells and the combination of photovoltaic power generation systems and storage batteries. Our company handles a wide variety of solar power generation system manufacturers, including Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Solar Frontier, Hitachi, and Fujipream. Fully understanding the product characteristics and making an optimal choice among many products. This is the basis for high-quality proposals.

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