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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:36

Kyoshin Co., Ltd.

We manufacture low-cost high-precision parts with our unique caulking joint technology

Our caulking joint method uses only the plastic deformation of metal pieces to join parts without adhesive or heat. We apply this technique together with cutting and grinding to manufacture automotive parts, construction machinery parts, agricultural machinery parts, and industrial machinery parts. We also develop medical equipment. 

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Caulking joint method
We replace a portion of all grindable parts with pressable or cuttable parts and joint them by making use of pressurized deformation of the metal pieces. (Also see the illustration at the bottom of the page.)

We join parts and make new parts while maintaining their precision. This causes the operation to cost less and consume less material and energy than processing parts by cutting them all. The joints are 4 mm in axial diameter, with an extracting load of  6 kN, so there is no problem with strength.
Precision cutting
We possess 160 CNC automatic lathes. We can handle all operations from prototyping to mass-producing hundreds of thousands of pieces. We have equipment capable of complex processing, so we can handle diameters from 1 to 50 mm. We also use our nine machines for vibrational cutting to mass-produce difficult-to-grind materials.
Development of medical equipment
Our caulking joint method uses only the plastic deformation of metal pieces and no adhesive or heat. We are also making use of this technique to tackle development of medical equipment. This avoids the adverse effects of heat and can join different materials together, and also join hard parts with soft ones.

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