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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:42:02


We are a manufacturer specializing in customizing keyboards, key switches, and pointing devices.

We customize and manufacture keyboards and control panels for information equipment, industrial machinery, medical equipment, machine tools, and so on. We propose miniature keyboards with pointing devices, and also small, compact, robust keyboards for control devices for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, semiconductor inspection devices, part mounters, and factory production lines. 

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Sales Pitch

Miniature keyboards with a pointing device
Applicable situations and uses
Applications as control keyboards for production equipment

[Specific examples]
We propose our keyboards for:
Control input for semiconductor manufacturing devices and inspection equipment
Control input for part mounters
Control input for console servers
Control input for various kinds of industrial machinery
Other uses include:
Space-saving, compact keyboards without numeric keypads for personal use
ThinkPad users

Without sacrificing ease of use, we have achieved a compact size of 292 mm wide and 172 mm deep. Moreover, the keyboard layout comes equipped with function keys and other keys comparable to those on a notebook PC, so there is no inconvenience for input.

Pointing devices
We have a lineup of keyboards with stick pointers where you can control the cursor without releasing the home position. In addition, a wheel is mounted on the near side of the key, which enables screen scrolling operations comparable to a wheel mouse.

External ports
The back of our keyboards with a pointing device comes equipped with a port for connecting external peripherals, which can be used to connect a mouse or numeric keypad.

Replacement of key functions
If you prefer to have the Ctrl key to the left of the A, the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys can be swapped by setting a DIP switch on the back.

Key touch
Our keyboards have a key pitch of 19.05 mm and a 3 mm key stroke, so they are as easy to operate as full-size keyboards. Our keyboards are held to prevent them from sinking when you press a key, which ensures a firm pressing feeling and touch.
Advantages over the competition
With curved forms that are rare today, customers have loved our keyboards for two decades.

Without a numeric keypad, our keyboards have no irregularity in the key layout, and are notebook-sized keyboards that save space.

Our keyboards look ordinary at first glance, but once you type with them, you will enjoy the quality of their construction, and feel the difference from today's stylish products.

We are particular about the operability and feel of the keys.

The keys will not catch your fingers even when you slide your fingers over the key tops.

Our keyboards are held firmly in the case and will not flex or sink even if you press them hard, giving you a high-quality feel in typing.

Our keyboards will not deform even when held with both hands and strongly twisted. They have a high-class keyboard texture, unlike the weak, flabby, shabby build quality of some other keyboards on the market.
We propose keyboards and key switches to users for various industrial machinery and instrument applications
Medical equipment uses
Control panels for X-ray equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, MR systems, CT systems, and other equipment
Illuminated switches with keystrokes that achieve high visibility and are highly unlikely to lead to erroneous input
Illuminated keyboards that enable data input even in dark rooms
Industrial equipment uses
Control panels for polishers, NC devices, plant controllers, printers, and other equipment
Tactile switches with a track record of operation on the market for more than three decades
Sheet keyboards consisting of these tactile switches
Switches equipped with gold contacts, with a track record of use in special environments

Curved switches that can be mounted on collaborative robots and other robots on FA lines
Switches that can be used for robot sensors and film sensors

Keyboards for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, semiconductor inspection devices, part mounters, or production line controllers
Solid keyboards with a space-saving, robust structure
Information equipment uses
Control panels for handheld terminals, printers, and other equipment
Thin, highly reliable tactile switches

Keyboards for personals computers
Space-saving keyboards with mounted pointing devices

Pointing devices
Stick pointers with capacitive sensors.

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