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Latest update: 22/06/2023 12:27:01

Muroya Co., Ltd.

Toyama’s rich food culture: Bringing the delicious flavor of kelp to the whole country

We offer original products such as dashi kombu, nikombu, kombujime, black and white tororo, oboro kombu, and furikake. We use only 100% domestically grown kombu and make the most of the umami of the ingredients. In order to get the most delicious flavor, the product is sorted by human hands and eyes, then bagged and processed at our own factory.

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Various products
Dashi kombu (kelp for making broth)
Plenty of natural blessings. It is the natural seasoning most gentle on the body.
Using kombu after taking the stock
Plenty of nutrients remain in the kombu grounds after the soup stock is removed.
With a little effort, the grounds can be made delicious.
It can also be used as an ingredient in kombu tsukudani (kelp simmered in soy sauce), furikake (seasoned power for sprinkling on rice), and takikomi gohan (rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients).
Don't throw away the grounds, try using them in your cooking.
Ni-kombu (boiled kelp)
Kombu does not break down easily when boiled, and it can be used to make flavorful soup stock. It can also be used for kombu maki (kelp rolls) and oden (various foods stewed in a thin soy soup).
Tororo (grated yam), oboro (minced fish or meat that is seasoned and fried), and other foods
Tororo kombu is an outstanding food culture of Toyama Prefecture. It is great for both rice and soup.
Black tororo, white tororo, oboro kombu, simple kombu (salted kelp), furikake, snack kelp

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