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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:48

CCS Co.,Ltd.

We specialize in printing stickers and magnet sheets.

We provide online-based services at fire-sale prices. Our services include not only printing stickers, but also making and printing labels, posters, etc. 
In relation to printing, we accept orders for designing, and we cut as well as process printed materials into odd shapes (which is an optional service) at fire-sale prices. Especially for printing stickers, many clients request free shapes and designs. Since we offer our services at fire-sale prices, our services are very popular among our customers.

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Product introductions
Caution (warning) stickers
Tailored to the actual usage conditions, caution stickers show figures and symbols suitable for the shapes, functions, and so on that are predicted to be dangerous. Such stickers are required for safety reasons and used to prevent accidents. 
Since they are expected to be used for various machines and conditions, we do not provide ready-made products, but custom-make them.  
Floor signs (for indoor use)
Since their surfaces are embossed, they are not slippery. We are able to produce floor signs according to your purposes--for a short, mid-term, or long period. 
Floor signs are effective for guiding customers in electronics retail stores, supermarkets, bookstores, department stores, etc. and at events.
Cutting sheets
The logos and cut characters affixed to windows of shops or offices are called cutting stickers. Characters and designs are cut out of a large sticker called a cutting sheet. We provide cutting sheets in the colors of red, blue, yellow, green, brown, navy blue, white, and black. 
With outside weather resistance, our cutting sheets last for approx. 5 years. Therefore, they can be assuredly affixed to objects that are exposed to sunlight, wind, and rain.

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