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Creating, linking, exciting.

With information technology at the core, we coordinate IT gadgets, develop software and hardware, plan enterprises, design information, and create various other things to help our customers. 

We also manufacture and sell the Tibbo-P device for IoT professionals, along with Otopika teaching material on programming for elementary school pupils, which uses sound to make LEDs light up. 

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Business overview
IT coordination
We assist with all kinds of inquiries related to IT.

We help you use IT by giving you the information and know-how you need. 

We select appropriate technologies, products and services, conduct studies and analyses, calculate the necessary expenses, and develop plans for introducing and operating new systems. We also select system developers and so on.
System development
If you want us to develop a system, we provide one-stop services from requirements definition, design, and other upstream processes to development, operation, and maintenance. 

We have many staff members with extensive knowledge and reliable technology.
Embedded mechatronics development
Our company designs and develops hardware as well as software.

This is a strength we are proud of, which is not found in most system developers. Our knowledgeable, well-experienced staff members address a wide range of inquiries and requests.

We offer a one-stop service from designing printed circuit boards and mechanical mechanisms to investigating and selecting modules and electronics parts, developing embedded systems, prototyping your required products, and other projects.
Public solutions
Our company's Public Solution Division is a team of professionals specializing in developing dam systems.

We have been involved in developing systems designed to control the roles (functions) of dams at more than 1,000 locations across Japan. For details, please refer to our track record.

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