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LUBY Industrial Company Ltd.

Aiming for the top of bearing technology

We are a manufacturer dedicated to oil-less bearings that realize environmental protection and cost reduction. Our products are playing important roles in the field of numerous industries as the bearing that exercises sufficient anti-abrasion and anti-seizure performance.

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Characteristics of Oil-less Bearings
"Oil-less bearing" is a generic name for sliding bearings including bearings that can reduce the amount of lubricant and repetitive lubrication, as well as bearings that can be used without any lubrication. 

"Oil-less" bearing, which conveys the meaning of reducing repetitive lubrication, not needing any lubrication, or both, includes dry bearings (dry frictional bearing) which are lubricated based on absorbed oil, boundary lubrication, and solid lubrication which uses solid lubricants such as black lead having extremely low shear resistance, molybdenum disulfide, metal soap, soft metal, polymeric materials (plastic), and others.
Usage of Oil-less Bearing
Oil-less bearings exhibit a large effect when used in the following situations and for the following purposes. 

・You want to reduce the amount of lubricant in the locations in which you need to supply a large amount of lubricant. 
・The locations in which it is preferable not to add lubrication on cars, OA equipment, food machines, etc. 
・The locations in which it is difficult to form lubricating films as in where a swing motion, reciprocating motion, or frequent startup or stop is occurring. 
・The locations where lubricating films are tend to be broken due to heavy load or low speed motion. 
・The locations that you want to use without maintenance for a long time. 
・The locations in which oil dirt is not suitable and it is not expected that the user will lubricate such locations, as in home appliances and OA equipment. 
・The locations in which lubricants do not exercise their effects due to high or low temperature. 
・The locations where lubricating films are tend to be broken due to mixing with foreign substances. 
・The locations in which it is difficult to lubricate such as a high or dangerous place. 
・The locations that are used in special environments such as in special gases, vacuums, or radioactive environments. 
・The locations that are used in corrosive environments such as underwater, under the sea, or in chemicals. 
・The locations in which lubrication is made but the friction should be suppressed to the minimum. 
・The locations in which you want to omit lubricating devices, labor, etc., to reduce costs. 

It is anticipated that general sliding bearings may be seared or abraded extremely quickly in the locations stated above. In such cases, oil-less bearings play important roles in each industry field as the bearing that exercises sufficient anti-abrasion and anti-seizure performance, which can also be said to be the life of a sliding bearing. 
Of course, if it is appropriate, lubrication can be used in parallel, thus extending the life of the bearing even more; with this, it is also possible to expand the scope of usage.
The strong points of Oil-less Bearings
■ Lubricating devices are composed of a lot of parts; and in addition to these costs, the assembling and processing also become complicated, thus further increasing costs. Using oil-less bearings leads to great savings because such costs are brought down. 

■ Cutting running cost 
The amount of lubricant used annually at a factory that has a large number of machines is great. Oil-less bearings lead to reducing the amount of lubricant consumed, as well as lowering the cost of maintenance and management. 

■ Collecting lubricant and protection of the environment 
The cost and labor for devices to collect waste lubricant should not be overlooked in the production cost. Oil-less bearings help to protect the environment and to reduce the cost for such collection. 

■ Cutting maintenance cost 
It is possible to cut maintenance costs since the work required for securing workers for lubrication and for inspection of lubricating devices is reduced. In addition, this is effective also for the prevention of bearing troubles due to poor lubrication. 

■ Cost cutting in designing 
The structure is simplified and the time for designing is shortened because it is possible not to consider any lubricating system for designing. Not only bearings but also housings and shafts can be made compact; this results in making the whole machine compact and reducing material cost.
Product introduction
◆ Metal bearing 
 ■ Oil-less #300 
The bearing in which the growth phenomenon of cast iron is intentionally used to form porous surfaces and the bearing is impregnated with lubricant. 
 ■ Oil-less #500F 
The bearing requiring no lubrication for low speed and middle load usage, where solid lubricant is embedded on the base made of cast iron. 
 ■ Oil-less #2000 
The bearing composed with composite multi-layers, the back metal is made of steel, and the sliding surface is made of sintered special materials. 
 In the sintered layers, the solid lubricant mainly made of special copper alloy and black lead is distributed and sintered, and further, is impregnated with lubricant. 
 ■ Oil-less Cermet G 
Solid lubricant mainly made of black lead is evenly distributed in the components of sintered alloy to form a self-lubricating bearing for use in high temperatures. 
 ■ Oil-less Cermet M 
Solid lubricant mainly made of molybdenum disulfide is evenly distributed in the components of sintered alloy to form a self-lubricating bearing. 

◆ Slide Shifter 
Since an oil-less bearing is used, you can use this without adding any lubrication. Its anti-foreign object performance, load-proof performance, etc., are excellent. 
 Two types, the guide rail type and the guide shaft type, are available. 

◆ Resin bearing 
 ■ Oil-less #80 
A special treatment is added during the production phase to polyacetal resin. Lubricants and special filler agents are evenly distributed and the resin is impregnated to form a bearing not requiring lubrication. Various grades are available. 
 ■ Oil-less #480 
Various types of lubricants and inorganic fibers are added to polyacetal resin to form a bearing not requiring lubrication. 
 ■ Oil-less #250 
Phenol resin based on a special cotton cloth is impregnated with lubricating oil and lubricants to form a bearing. 
 ■ Oil-less #425 
A special treatment is added to the phenol resin based on the same special cotton cloth as Oil-less #250 to form a bearing dedicated to water lubrication.

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