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We manufacture tableware and vases (made of Tsugaru Vidro) made of handmade glass

We manufacture tableware and other products under the Tsugaru Vidro brand, which combines the "air-blowing" technique, cultivated in many years of manufacturing glass floats, with colored glass.

We are one of the top glass workshops in Japan, with four traditional artisans with advanced skills certification by Aomori Prefecture.

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Tsugaru Vidro
What is now called "Tsugaru Vidro" was first produced by our company 1949, with the manufacture of glass floats for fishing.

At that time, there were other factories that manufactured glass floats, but we gained a reputation for the quality of our blown floats, which were more durable than others, and in 1973 we became the top producer in Japan.

Later, when glass floats were replaced by plastic, we began to produce large vases and other items using the "air-blowing" technique that we had cultivated over many years of glass float production. In addition, due to Aomori Prefecture's inconvenient geographical location for transportation, we have been able to make up for this disadvantage by making colored glass and other raw materials on our own.

As a handicraft that combines this molding technology with colored glass, Tsugaru Vidro was born in 1977, consisting of tableware, flower vases, and other products. The artisans of Tsugaru Vidro also devoted their efforts to technical development, such as mixing beautiful colored glass and learning highly technical techniques almost by themselves. This has now culminated in the art being designated as a traditional handicraft by Aomori Prefecture.

In recent years, in order to cultivate Tsugaru Vidro as a brand, we have been emphasizing the four seasons, the warmth of handmade products, and stories. This is how we have been creating Monozukuri craftsmanship products that people will become attached to, and strongly communicating the regional characteristics of Aomori.

Our products incorporate a wide range of techniques and technologies as well as our own colored glass. They are representative of Japanese handmade glassware, and also add a rich sense of color and seasonal feeling to people's lifestyles in general.

We will continue to create products and stories that reflect the most distinctive features of Tsugaru Vidro, such as richly colored glass and the ideas and passion of its creators.

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