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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:54

Cross Clover Japan Co., Ltd.

With a company philosophy of "making cats around the world happy," we utilize local resources to develop products that are kind to cats using fabrication-free production methods.

Product development that will solve your problems by utilizing the strengths of B2C sales.

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Sales Pitch

Our mission is to create a world where cats can live in good health and happiness.
Our craft is centered around cats.
Our company prioritizes cats in everything. 
We create our products by imagining how we would feel if were cats, and considering whether they are easy to use, or if we would like them.  This is "product development from a cat's perspective".
For instance, if we were cats, we would not feel great about cat litter that smells strange (deodorant or perfume) or products that appear cute to humans but are difficult for cats to use. 
Therefore nekozuki ensures the following:

1. We realize product values that satisfy both our feline members of staff and ourselves.
We will test repeatedly until everything is good. Some of our products that are currently on the market have gone through the improvement process more than 30 times. 

2. We solve issues by utilizing cats' habits. 
We let them liberate their instincts instead of restricting them.

3. We develop products with a focus on materials that are reassuring, safe and free from artificial additives. 
We use materials that exist in nature as much as possible to ensure comfort and safety. 
Thus, even when we have no option other than using non-natural materials, we use those that are harmless to cats (e.g., the paint on our food stand, which can be used safely in food containers.  We follow Food Sanitation and Safety Act Standard No. 20).

4. Cats can spend time indoors without stress.
By offering products that can be used for a long time instead being disposable, we can reduce cats' stress through familiarity. Moreover, we reduce risk in our products by, for instance, rounding corners. 

We believe that providing such products is the best way to be considerate to cats as you live together in the same space. 
We also believe that the happiness of the cats using nekozuki's products will lead to the happiness of their owners. 
Witnessing the happiness of cats and their owners is both our mission and a great source of happiness for nekozuki.
We will continue to invest all of our energy into developing products so that our goods for cats will surprise and delight our customers. 
Nekozuki solves cat problems with "monozukuri craftsmanship from a cat's perspective."
1. I looked but could not find any
My love for cats became so serious that I started to feel the desire to sell cat products myself. So I quit my job and started this company in 2005. I procured many goods for cats both within Japan and from abroad. However, I always felt during the procurement that; "there are so many options,  but none of them are truly good for cats." At the time, there was a much smaller selection of cat products available than dog products, and it was common to use products for small dogs for cats.  The business was tough, and there were days not a single customer visited the shop.  Our annual turnover was only a million yen.  After the expenses, I was naturally in minus figures. I had to work as a supermarket cashier in the evening to survive.  As I was trying various different methods, I started online sales.  And through communication with the customers of the online store, I learnt that there are many people who are unhappy about the same problem. They also shared the problems their cats were having.  However, no matter where we looked, we could not find products that solved these problems.
2. "If it does not exist, I have to make them myself."
Both as an owner of cats and the manager of a cat product shop, I was confident that I knew about the many problems cats experience.  And after learning that there are many people with similar problems, I thought I should make products myself. Looking back, this was a bold idea.  I never had any specialized training, so I was a total amateur in product development.  However, from my own experience, I knew what is troubling cats and their owners, and I had clear images of what type of products I wanted to develop. 
3. Product development from scratch
Now that I had the images of products I wanted to make, I had to find a fabricator to produce them.  This was really difficult.  I looked up many workshops in the phone book, but I was totally dismissed at first.  However, I did not give up, and tried multiple times to ask them, and eventually they became more open to my ideas.  I slowly built trust with them, learnt about craftsmanship and gave shape to the products. 
4. Monozukuri craftsmanship from a cat's perspective
In this way, we have developed more than 30 original products in the last 14 years.  Today we collaborate with 15 companies for our production. While I am responsible for product planning and design, we consult our "cat staff" while developing products.  They are Naruto-san, Pon-chan and Chaku-kun How does it feel? Is there anything stressful? We ask them to use the prototypes, examine any discomfort they feel and make improvements.  As we believe that the only important thing is that they are comfortable for cats to use, we do not compromise until the cats are satisfied.  Even after launching the products, we eagerly listen to feedback from customers who purchase our products and use it for product development and improvement. 
5. Our future
Our roots are in "monozukuri craftsmanship from a cat's perspective." To communicate the future of "nekozuki" to our customers even more easily, we have redefined our brand concept as follows: "We solve problems that cats have through monozukuri craftsmanship from a cat's perspective". We continue to think seriously from the perspective of cats, who are our users, and develop products that will solve their problems and inconveniences.  We will carefully solve one problem after another, and continue to address the problems that cats experience.  We will continue to work hard to achieve a world in which as many cats as possible can have healthy and happy lives. 
Monozukuri craftsmanship
Monozukuri craftsmanship
Our craft is centered around cats. The highest priority in our product development is the consideration of cats' habits.
As our products are to be used by cats, it is best to learn from cats.  We develop products together with our feline members of staff.
Only the products that pass the exacting monitoring and testing of our feline members of staff are commercialized. 
Our feline members of staff have the highest authority at nekozuki.

Consideration of cats' sightlines
Consideration of cats' habits (instinctual)
Consideration of safety (functional)



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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ