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Mia Casa Management Support Office LLC

With our wide outlook and flexible thinking, we support you in being able to manage effectively.

Mia Casa Management Support Office and Mia Casa Office of Notaries Public are management consulting offices based in Izumi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture. 

Our policy is to come up to small and mid-sized businesses having limited managerial resources and become "your own management supporting office next door," whom you can consult without hesitation.

We want to make your businesses, which support the community, even more lively than they are today. 

We will effectively help you with all stages ranging from drafting your managerial strategies and business plans to stopping sloppy accounting and avoiding failed plans, as well as getting out of the stage where you do not even know what the problem is.

We are also good at helping you apply for various subsidy programs.

Let us work together toward your goal.


Sales Pitch

We give effective support to you with our planning and managerial capabilities, which smaller manufacturers tend to lack.
Stopping sloppy accounting
To gain profit steadily, you need management through figures. An ancient proverb goes "Measure your input before you realize your output." This means that you should first calculate how much you will gain, then make an expenditure plan according to your gain. If you spend more than what you sell, you cannot gain profit. Moreover, if you manage to sell only those products that entail much expenditure, you will find it hard to gain profit. To gain profit, you need to determine the expenses required and the foundation for your sales based on figures.
Avoiding failed plans
Many business operators may have made a plan but failed to carry it out, or know the PDCA (plan, do, check, act) method but end up carrying out PD only.

Failed plans are frequently due to a defect in P (plan). You should develop a mechanism where you make a plan and set goals that meet your abilities, and your personnel should understand that issue as something being their own and continue to work on it.
Getting out of the stage where you do not even know where the problem is
If you compare this problem to a person, it can be said to be a bad condition whose cause is unknown. If you leave the problem or issue alone, one day, some of the problems and issues will all suddenly surface at the same time.

In such cases, we should ask what your complaints are, precisely examine the balance between sales and cost, as well as the status of customers and products, and organize and visualize the realities of your expenses, customer organization, and other individual issues, to see where the problem is.

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