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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:41

Oigen Foundry Co., Ltd.

Planning, manufacturing, and sales of our Nambu Tekki brand

We manufacture products under our own Nambu Tekki brand Oigen. Together with its 160-year history, we actively employ designers, conduct R&D, and develop products such as IH-compatible ironware.

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A world first: The unpainted but rustproof NakedPan cast iron pan
NakedPan is a non-chemical, rust-resistant iron pan to which the "kanake-dome" rust prevention technique from Iwate's traditional Nambu Tetsubin (Nambu cast iron kettle) handicraft is applied. 

The kanake-dome technique for Nambu Tetsubin is a rustproofing technique which has been established by the long-standing experience and intuition of iron kettle artisans since the Edo period. At Oigen, we have successfully quantified this process, developed a unique oxide film, and applied it to iron pans (this technique is patented).

Iron pans are usually rustproofed by paint, while this technique is non-chemical, which makes it environmentally friendly. Due to the high heat storage and heat radiation of cast iron, it can provide the world's best fried flavor with frying pans and other tools to be used in frying.

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公益財団法人 いわて産業振興センター
Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ