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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:15

Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd

We try to realize the comfortable lives of people with our high technology to control "heat, water, and air."

Mabuchi Engineering is a company that contributes to the creation of communities such as the construction of residences, schools, and hospitals mainly in Miyagi Prefecture and to the maintenance of buried water pipes through our business of designing and construction of facilities for water supply and drainage and air conditioning and ventilation in buildings.

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Constructing building water supply/water drainage, air-conditioning/ventilation, and water supply facilities
・We aim for 100 percent customer satisfaction and will make use of all our technological abilities to perform sincere construction. 
・We make proposals by incorporating the views of the users. 
・We hold the highest certifications to enhance construction quality and make use of efficient construction methods and the best equipment. 
<Examples of processing, examples of usage>
・Water supply/drainage construction at public hospitals, schools, welfare facilities, stadiums, and tourist facilities in Miyagi Prefecture
Mabuchi Hybrid Pole II
・Uses unlimited energy from nature (wind, solar) 
・A complete autonomous power generation type system that demonstrates its strengths at the time of emergencies 
・A highly efficient wind power generator that activates at a low wind velocity (1.2m/s) 
・Highly efficient and luminous LED light (35W) 
・"ENSUS2" with the capacity of (2.65Kw) is equipped with a new type lithium-ion battery provided with a compact, light, low-cost, and safe BMS 
<Examples of processing, examples of usage>
・A wide range of applicability: evacuation paths, roads, parks, schools, hospitals, facility parking lots, etc.
Anti-pigeon construction (measures for pigeons, pigeon repellent)
・B-ST Co., Ltd. (Imari City, Saga Prefecture) has developed a pigeon expellant gel, B-ST (bird stop), which is a "measure for pigeon environmental pollution and pigeon repellent" that is extremely safe to pigeons and humans. 
・During construction, we directly spread B-ST, the pigeon expellant gel that has been developed based on vegetables, on areas that pigeons approach to ensure its effectiveness. 
・This is effective not only for pigeons but also for sparrows, swallows, wagtails, starlings, crows, seagulls, and other birds; in addition, this is effective also as a measure for bats. 
・The pigeon expellant gel B-ST does not damage buildings that are coated with the gel. In addition,  it is water resistant, making it last for a long time (1 to 3 years). 
<Examples of processing, examples of usage>
・There are 7,000 or more instances in which our pigeon-expellant B-ST (bird stop) was used in constructions all over the country. 
 Railway station buildings, viaducts, schools, buildings, condominiums, etc.

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ