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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:45

Miyakoshi Digital Systems Co., Ltd.

By utilizing printing-related technological capabilities, we continuously strive to enter business domains of various industries.

We are the world's only printer manufacturer that provides high-end printers as well as postprocessing systems in the fields of both digital and analog printers. We not only meet requirements from the conventional printing market in which paper is used, but also produce printers for the life-related industrial material market that focuses on "clothing, food, and housing." By utilizing know-how on printing technology that we have nurtured for many years, we design, produce, and even install various printers, processing machines, bookbinding machines, etc. in an integrated fashion. As for fields related to the field of printers, we are able to meet requirements from clients and have produced unique equipment such as Japan's first paper straw production machine, an independent paper feed machine, a rewinder, and a slitter.

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Capabilities for developing high-performance printers that meet requirements for high-mix low-volume production and high-quality
We have various machine tools to produce various printers.
In order to meet clients' requirements as soon as possible, we carry out the processes of research, development, and production in our company. We are equipped with necessary equipment that can produce all parts of our printers. Our lathes can produce a wide range of parts the diameter of which ranges from 2.0 mm to 1800.0 mm. Our milling machines are equipped with a table the maximum size of which is 4000.0 mm x 2000.0 mm. Furthermore, in order to perform sheet-metal processing in our company, we have a fiber laser processing machine and equipment for welding or baking finish after processing. 
Integrated system of production from raw material to finished product
Integrated production system supported by the departments of machine design, electrical design, development, procurement, part production, assembly, and product inspection
System for carrying out only partial production processes
Requests from clients are endless. Although we are proud of the integrated production system, we have received many requests for carrying out only partial production processes. We  have also received requests to carry out only part production, part inspection, and so on.
Activities for the SDGs 
Taking the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into consideration, the Miyakoshi Group is developing activities for solving societal issues and building a sustainable society.
What are the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?
The SDGs are the 17 goals that were adopted in the UN Summit in September 2015 and that should be achieved by 2030 for the future of humans and the earth. The Miyakoshi Group is striving to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by addressing materiality (an important issue).  
Separating aluminum machining dust from cutting oil
During aluminum processing, aluminum is easily cut in high speeds. Aluminum machining dust is small in size and easily mixes with cutting oil. Therefore, cutting oil takes up 1/3 of a waste drum and makes it heavy, which is a burden on recycling operators. Accordingly, we independently developed equipment (separator) which separates aluminum machining dust from cutting oil. 
Mechanism: (1) We installed a separator between the chip conveyor and the drum.
(2) Aluminum machining dust and cutting oil fall in the separator. 
(3) After the cutting oil is separated from the dust, the oil is circulated to machine tools. 
(4) The dust falls in the drum through manual (one-touch) operation.
No electricity is required. Since the cutting oil is recycled, these processes contribute to the SDGs.



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