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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:13

Towa Industry Co., Ltd.

Innovation from new findings to creation

Our main business involves processing machinery, and we integrate our production from round object processing, cornered object processing, welding, sintering, grinding, and treatment. We handle small-lot products and single products, and consultation is also open for short lead time products. We can handle up to one thousand units for mass-production. Our large-type MC has a stroke of X2200 and our horizontal-type boring MC has a stroke of X3000. We can handle small units to large ones.

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Sales Pitch

Playing important roles in a wide range of fields from core industries to advanced industries
Corporate PR
Our company is a comprehensive and advanced precision manufacturer for industry fields of the 21st century such as parts for devices in vacuum-related industries, fully automatic pressure adjusting and pressure controlling panels, and so forth. We process vacuum, high pressure, and other equipment parts with technology innovation in hand while focusing on SUS materials in a variety of fields, from core industries to advanced industries. 

Mainly, the SUS materials are used to integrate automatic pressure adjuster valves and secondary inspection boards, with which the variance in secondary pressure (pressure difference) is automatically detected even if there is some variance in the primary pressure, for the valve to keep the setting to a certain level, which constantly provides a stable and highly accurate level of gas at a certain point regardless of high pressure or low pressure. 
Mainly, this is used for plant instrumentation facilities to measure for hydrogen gas, helium gas, oxygen gas, argon gas, etc. 

In addition, we strenuously produce and develop fire-extinguishing nozzle parts, valves, electronic microscope equipment, vacuum equipment, laser beam equipment, and so forth for precision parts and other industrial parts in relation to public projects. In recent years, our main focus is the processing of device parts such as liquid crystal and optic fiber, and device parts processing for electronic microscope semiconductor institutions. Our employees work together to provide the precision industry fields with our products.
Sales items
● Sales items: machine processing and assembly tests for special steel (stainless steel, regular steel)  
● Special high pressure valves, vacuum valves, IT high-technology industry equipment  
● Possible with the following flow: designing > processing > washing > argon welding > secondary processing > seal surface finishing > assembling > testing 
● Vacuum test (helium leak detector made by Anelva) 
  High pressure test facility available (high pressure booster, 1,000k) 
● Institutions for next-generation industries, other machine parts  
● Vacuum chamber, vacuum piping, general machine processing  
● Other general machine processing parts
Products of metal machine processing
■ Producing device parts with a variety of processing machines covering circles, squares, and compound shapes. Highly accurate finishing of cubic parts with: welding > secondary processing 

We provide well-finished products with a good external appearance by making use of our know-how in processing highly accurate stainless aluminum, and producing various types of parts and units.

[Strong points of the product] 
We are good at machine processing and we integrate our production from round object processing to corner object processing, welding, sintering, grinding, and treatment. 
Our large-type MC has a stroke of X2200 and our horizontal-type boring MC has a stroke of X3000. We can handle small units to large ones. 
In addition, we also handle vacuum tests (leak detector), pressurized tests (high pressure booster, 100Mpa), and vacuum high pressure tests. 

[Examples of past deliveries] 
Enterprises in relation to medical care, food, academic institutes, aviation, semiconductors, liquid crystals, and automobiles

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